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IntelliFront BI At A Glance

Good: Easily accessible real-time reporting with dynamic functions for system administrators and end-users.
Bad: No predictive analytics or profit analysis.
Bottom Line: BI solution focused on giving users the right information when they need it.

Product Overview

ChristianSteven Software is a data analytics company with a range of solutions.

The organization’s business plan is to develop features that “push” intelligence and features that “pull” intelligence – a spectrum between IT tasks and end-user desires.

Beginning as a vendor focused on report scheduling, its first two products, SQL Reports Distribution (SQL-RD) and Crystal Reports Distribution (CRD), were developed for enterprise businesses that needed a way to distribute information.

As the market shifted to browser-based business intelligence, users began requesting more than just report scheduling for dynamic on-the-fly access to their data.

IntelliFront BI, The Intelligence Frontier, is ChristianSteven Software’s all-in-one cloud-based data portal for businesses. The solution generates and distributes reports, and it’s primarily a hub for self-service business intelligence users to set key performance indicators (KPIs), create dashboards and flexibly share analytical insights.

IntelliFront BI handles business process management and document management as well.


The following are three core features of IntelliFront BI:

1. Self-service

End-users are able to create criteria for the custom reports they need. Training is minimal and tools are easy to use. IT can set up report delivery automation so end-users have the reports in the right format when they need them, every time.

2. Dashboards & analytics

When conventional reporting isn’t enough, IntelliFront BI’s dynamic dashboards allow users to view real-time information. With mobile capabilities, users can drill down into details at a glance and focus on setting KPIs that affect daily operations. Critical information is available for on-the-fly decision making.

3. Advanced security

Administrators can integrate Microsoft Active Directory with the solution and set up sophisticated permissions to match a business’s needs as it scales. The solution is also configured for compliance-focused industries such as health care and financial services.

  • Ad Hoc Analysis?
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)?
  • Predictive Analytics?
  • Profit Analysis?
  • Trend Indicators?
  • Ad Hoc Reporting?
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting?
  • Customizable Dashboard?

Target Market

IntelliFront BI is the best fit for organizations that need to share business intelligence with stakeholders, customers, suppliers and decision makers.

Since it’s a new solution, a list of IntelliFront BI’s customers isn’t available. However, ChristianSteven Software has served many clients. The following is a list of 10 sample customers:

  • Dole
  • Virgin Media
  • NHS
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Dell
  • Raymond James
  • NEC Technologies
  • Brinks

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IntelliFront BI can either be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, depending on the client’s preference. It currently integrates with the following:

  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Active Directory/LDAP
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Power BI

The solution can provide dashboards and KPIs for any Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant database, including SQL Server and Oracle.

ChristianSteven Software offers data migration services as well as free data migration training for your staff.

Customer Service & Support

ChristianSteven Software has a Product Support Team that responds to any issues within 60 minutes of logging a client’s call. The team performs an initial investigation before replying to customers to resolve issues swiftly and effectively.

The vendor also provides users with a community forum, remote human support through a desktop sharing or conferencing service, and helpful video guides.


ChristianSteven Software does not disclose pricing. Please contact them directly for a quote.


IntelliFront BI doesn’t include predictive analytics or profit analysis, and these features may be necessary for some customers.


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Founded in 2002 by Christian Ofori-Boateng and Steven Amani, ChristianSteven Software started off by developing report scheduling solutions that connected to SQL servers and supplemented SAP enterprise solutions.

While it still offers these products, the vendor has responded to market demands and now also offers IntelliFront BI as an all-in-one option for those seeking a next-generation business intelligence tool.

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