What’s next for Project Management Software? 2019 Predictions

The global online project management software market is expected to reach to a valuation of more than $6.68 billion over the next 7 years. The adoption of project management solutions in large IT enterprises will drive this growth and a commensurate 9.4 percent compound annual growth rate across the market by 2026.

Project management 2019 predictions blog post

And while market valuation statistics can astound, we sought our own experts to predict what lay ahead for the “boots on the ground” situation of Project Management software in 2019.

What they’ve predicted corresponds with the anticipated growth in the market, but they identify other, diverse influences that could drive the adoption and execution of project management platforms. Here’s what they had to say:

AI ascends, scrum fades, and process management embraced

AI will make its entry into project management software. It will start off as a gimmick, but by the end of the year, we shall see something of value. The most likely use-case will be to provide data support to the “guesstimates” produced by the team thus making estimates trustworthy.

Scrum will start fading, and Kanban will gather momentum. By the end of 2019, the demand for Kanban features will outshine the need for Scrum.

More teams will demand integrated capability for process management in their project management tool.  Process management is the third and missing piece of the project management software puzzle. The other two – task management and collaboration – have been reasonably addressed by the PM software market today.


Nikhil Daddikar


Organizations wake up and apply big data and machine learning in managing work and projects

It would be easy to predict that 2019 will see the rise of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence technologies (AI) in the project management technology space. However, this will only be the case for the small number of companies that are in position to take advantage of ML and AI – as most organizations are not.

Why? ML relies on data, and when that data is not accessible, ML is a nonstarter. Too many organizations still rely on technology that essentially will not enable AI or ML beyond the individual project manager or work contributor.

Therefore, our prediction is that 2019 will be the year that organizations realize they are ill-prepared for the rise of data-based technologies, analytics and Machine Learning – and will take corrective steps, so that they can evolve with AI and ML.

Once organizations understand the power of ML within project and work management, they will understand the formidable barrier that they have created for themselves in the form of outdated approaches. The vast majority of organizations still use simple tools like spreadsheets to manage work – an approach that essentially closes off data to organization-wide analytics and ML.

With this understanding, in 2019 we’ll see a mass movement towards a consolidation effort – a single source of truth if you will – to a modern project management platform, like Easy Projects. This will be a first step by these organizations towards transforming themselves and allowing themselves to evolve with ML/AI. Once down this path, a new breed of solutions will help senior managers, team managers and project managers make better decisions based on big data insights powered by ML algorithms that were previously unavailable.

Vadim Katcherovski, CEO EasyProjects.net, for 2019 project management prediction for Better Buys blog


Vadim Katcherovski
Easy Projects


Aggregate Project Data Is Key in 2019

There are a number of tools on the market that teams utilize to manage projects; some may argue too many. Every team is different: While your dev team is living and working in JIRA all day, your marketing team is tracking updates in Trello. In project management, we’ve seen a lot of companies that are disjointed and frustrated due to a lack of organization-wide project visibility.

For Project Insight, we see 2019 as the year of “Aggregate Project Data.” Gone are the days of forcing your team to learn a new, monolithic project management system. Teams across all departments can continue work with the apps they already use and love, while project data is directly synced to PI®. This will allow project managers to process data in an unprecedented way. By shifting their approach, PMs and key stakeholders will be able to save time, money and restore team productivity in 2019.

ProjectInsight CEO Steve West for Better Buys 2019 Project Management software Prediction blog


Steve West


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