Lexmark CX410 and CX510 Series Review

Good: Very good paper-input capabilities, affordable prices, competitive costs per page.
Bad: Output capacity is only 150 sheets; no finishing options.
Bottom Line: Scalable family of color MFPs for the small-to-medium workgroups.
Intended Users:
CX410/CX510 Series
Small, Medium
Speed Black:
Speed Color:

Product Overview

The CX410 and CX510 models are part of Lexmark’s line of printers and MFPs with upgraded features, such as standard Gigabit Ethernet, mobile printing, and Lexmark’s Unison toner. All of these machines print at 32ppm in both black and color and have a speedy first-page-out time of 11.5 seconds in color. Printing, copying, faxing, and scanning are all standard features.

The CX410 and CX510 families consist of:

  •  The CX410e ($699), the base model with standard Gigabit Ethernet, 512MB of standard memory, and a 4.3″ color touchscreen.
  •  The CX410de ($799), which adds standard duplexing to the CX410e
  •  The CX410dte ($999), which adds the 550-sheet “Duo Tray” with the 100-sheet feeder
  •  The CX510de ($1,399), the base model with standard Gigabit Ethernet and duplexing, 1GB of standard memory, and the 7″ color touchscreen
  •  The CX510dhe ($1,549), which adds a standard 160+GB hard disk to the CX510de
  •  The CX510dthe ($1,749), which adds the 550-sheet “Duo Drawer” with the 100-sheet feeder

As with Lexmark’s other machines, these MFPs utilize Lexmark’s Rewards Program – a loyalty program that provides a free high-yield toner cartridge for every 10 toner cartridges sent back to Lexmark for recycling. It also provides a free imaging kit when needed.  Prices for cartridges that are involved in the Rewards Program are significantly cheaper. Based on the Rewards Program and the high-yield cartridges, we calculate the cost per page for the CX410 models to be 1.9 cents in black and 10.3 cents in color.  The cost per page for the CX510 machines, on the other hand, is lower, as they utilize the extra-high-yield toner capacities. Therefore, the cost is 1.4 cents in black and 8.8 cents in color.

Also innovative is the Unison toner.  The Unison toner uses a separate toner, imaging unit, and fuser,  a multi-piece architecture design which leads to reduced toner waste and long-life system reliability.  It also prints at up to 1,200dpi for crisper print quality. And it alerts users when supplies are needed (i.e. low toner warning and number of pages left to print). Finally, it prints at a lower temperature, therefore, there is less energy consumed and lower carbon footprint.

Overall, these are excellent small to medium MFPs with affordable prices, competitive cost per page, and very good features. Lexmark constantly stays ahead of the curve by adding newer features but keeping prices competitive.


Processor speed is 800MHz on all models. Memory can be expanded to 2.5GB on the CX410 and 3GB on the CX510. PCL and PostScript are supported. USB and Gigabit Ethernet are standard, and Wi-Fi is optional.

Paper handling is better than you’d expect at these units’ price and speed. There’s a 250-sheet standard tray. For $199, you can also add an optional 650-sheet “Duo Tray,” which includes a 100-sheet multipurpose feeder. Note that the “Duo Tray” is standard on the CX410dte and CX510dthe models. Lexmark also offers an additional 550-sheet tray for $199. That’s a potential total of 1,450 sheets of input — without counting the single-sheet bypass. The output tray holds 150 sheets, and there are no finishing options. There is a 50-sheet automatic document feeder. The maximum duty cycle is 75,000 pages per month on the CX410 models, although the average usage runs from 800 to 6,000 pages. The maximum duty cycle is 85,000 per month on the CX510 models, although the average usage runs from 1,500 to 7,000 pages.

Color scanning is supported with CCD technology. Color faxing is utilized by the 33.6kbps modem.

Lexmark provides various applications on the touchscreen of each model, such as MyShortCut, Scan to Network, and Web Services Scan.

  • Automatic Document Feeder?
  • Duplexing?
  • Ethernet Connectivity?
  • Wireless Connectivity?
  • Mobile Printing/Scanning?
  • Finishers?


Output capacity is only 150 sheets, and there are no finishers offered, even as options.


Lexmark is uniquely focused on connecting unstructured printed and digital information across enterprises with the processes, applications and people that need it most. For more information, please visit www.lexmark.com.

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