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XenCALL At A Glance

Good: Intended for both inbound and outbound call centers, built-in CRM and webphone, features that help companies adhere to DNC compliance.
Bad: Omnichannel functionality isn't offered, slight learning curve for new users.
Bottom Line: Call center software that includes predictive dialing to help agents streamline their tasks.

Product Overview

XenCALL is call center software with a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system and predictive dialing features that automate administrative tasks for agents. It includes a webphone and integrates with VoIP software, so agents won’t need a landline or cell phone. This way, businesses save money on phone fees and equipment.

The software also integrates with lead generation software so administrators can build a list of qualified leads for agents to call. In addition, XenCALL integrates with payment processors and other third-party systems via the application program interface (API).

There are numerous benefits of XenCALL, such as:

  • Customizable features that fit an organization’s unique needs
  • Firewall security that prevents unauthorized access
  • Blended support for inbound and outbound centers
  • Compliance with Do Not Call regulations


XenCALL has many features, so we’ll focus on its key ones below.

Outbound – As mentioned, qualified leads can be pulled from the lead generation system, and administrators can create a targeted lead list based on status and other criteria. They can also create an outgoing script that embeds lead data. In addition, there’s the Caller ID proximity matching feature that displays a local phone number closest to the recipient’s location. XenCALL also has features to help companies adhere to Do Not Call (DNC) regulations, such as importing and editing the DNC list. Finally, it syncs with Google Calendar, so agents can book appointments or callbacks on their calendar.

Inbound – Inbound features include a customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu where administrators can create business rules and caller options. They can also create an unlimited number of inbound queues that route calls and prioritize each inbound queue by ring configuration that sends the call to individual or a group of agents. The inbound-queue voicemail feature transfers a caller’s message to the agent, and agents can also intercept an inbound call from a lead.

Call monitoring – Supervisors can monitor agents’ calls in real time using call monitoring features like call whispering or call barging. The call recording feature allows them to record all inbound/outbound calls or only certain ones for quality monitoring. Supervisors can also measure call center metrics, agent performance and more with reporting and analytics features.

Custom features – The software has custom features that can fit an organization’s specific needs. Administrators can create a custom lead profile using different form fields, and they can organize those leads using custom call dispositions and queues. They can also create custom agent statuses that show the agent’s availability.

Other features – XenCALL has additional features, such as conference calling, live transfers, extensions, forwarding and instant messaging.

Target Market

XenCALL targets call centers of all sizes in various industries, such as health care, automobile warranty sales, home improvement, solar energy and tourism.

It doesn’t provide names of its customers, so contact the vendor if you’re looking for references.

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New clients sign up for a demo with the sales team to try out the software.

XenCALL is deployed in the cloud, so clients can expect a shorter implementation process than with on-premise solutions. XenCALL provides “Getting Started” guides, and agents can enroll in the XenCALL Academy self-service training course.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access the help center to browse articles and submit a ticket. They can also contact support by phone or email.


XenCALL doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Contact the company directly for a quote.


Because it’s intended as a phone solution, XenCALL doesn’t have omnichannel features.

And even though the vendor offers self-service guides and a training course for agents, there can be a slight learning curve.


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XenCALL’s mission is to help businesses successfully reach out to their customers and convert more leads. It was launched in 2012 after its founders developed a lead-distribution solution that increased its sales by 140%.

The company has over 30 years of combined experience in call center administration and management consultation, and it aims to provide customers with an intuitive, easy-to-implement software solution that has top-notch support and development.

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