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CXM At A Glance

Good: Compliance with PCI, HIPAA and other mandates; speech analytics tools for multichannel conversations; performance evaluation features.
Bad: Additional call center software features aren't available.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based quality management solution with call recording and other tools to manage agents' performance.

Product Overview

CXM is a call recording and quality management software that helps contact center supervisors track their agents’ performance. Supervisors can listen in on calls in real time, play back the recordings and give feedback to agents. CXM also has features that adhere to PCI and HIPAA compliance, so sensitive customer data isn’t recorded.

The software has many benefits, such as:

  • Improved customer service
  • Customizable to fit an organization’s unique needs
  • Intuitive interface with minimal training
  • Accessible from web browsers
  • Reduced operating costs

In 2020, CXM released a new version (Version 6) that includes an interface redesign and new features, such as the ability to drag and drop records, improved search filters, accessibility in all web browsers and the ability to link to URLs.


CXM has various modules that companies can purchase individually or as a suite. We discuss each module below.

Call recording – Supervisors can record calls individually or by job function, extension, location or group. Calls are recorded automatically, but the Record On-Demand feature lets users begin recording while on a live call. Additional features include call sampling, advanced custom search and the ability to play back multiple calls in a sequence.

Screen recording – The screen recording module records both audio and video calls. It pairs with the call recording module, so supervisors get a full picture into each agent’s call performance. Note that this module only records computer desktop screens.

Live monitoring – Supervisors can monitor all agents’ calls in real time with the Watch List feature, and they can also use the Quad View feature to monitor a small group (up to four) agents. If they want to listen in on a specific agent’s call, they can double click on that agent’s name.

Performance evaluation – CXM provides users with customizable evaluation templates with scoring functionality. There’s an Agent Feedback feature that allows agents to respond directly to the evaluation, and the module also has coaching and e-learning features.

CXM ConForm – The CXM ConForm module helps companies adhere to PCI, HIPAA and other compliance guidelines by preventing sensitive data from being recorded. It automatically pauses the recording when a customer or agent reveals sensitive information (e.g., credit card numbers, Social Security numbers) and then resumes recording afterward. For screen recordings, the information isn’t shown on the screen. Other features include restricted access to data, disk and network encryption, and user security and audits.

Speech analytics – With the speech analytics module, supervisors can get insights into the customer-agent interaction from multichannel (e.g., calls, email, social) communications. It analyzes the words, phrases and emotions within the conversations and gives detailed reports on customer satisfaction, sentiment and other factors. The module has built-in call sampling, which gives the organization a representative sample of calls analyzed rather than each individual call.

Target Market

CXM supports organizations of all sizes in many industries.

We don’t have a list of its clients, so contact the vendor directly if you’re looking for references.

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CXM is deployed in the cloud, so the implementation timeline is shorter than with on-premise solutions.

New clients work with the Professional Services team during the process, which can vary based on the client’s goals and requirements. As part of implementation, the team offers clients software customization and training services.

Customer Service & Support

The support portal is built on the Salesforce Service Cloud platform, and it lets users submit and track tickets. Users can also contact CXM by phone.

CXM offers unlimited training for administrators and end users.


CXM doesn’t publicly display its pricing, so contact the vendor directly for a quote.


While CXM has tools that help call center supervisors measure agent performance, it doesn’t have most of the common features of a call center software solution. Companies that are looking for software with more robust features can check out our other reviews.


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CXM Recording and Quality Monitoring is a division of Co-nexus Communications Systems Inc., a Mitel business partner in selling business phone systems and unified communications software. CXM was launched in 1999 when a client of Co-nexus approached the vendor with a request for an efficient and affordable call recording solution. Its mission is to offer tools to organizations of all sizes to help them successfully manage their agents.

CXM operates on the four P’s: Product, Performance, Price and People. It’s headquartered in Houston, TX.

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