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PhoneBurner At A Glance

Good: Accessible for both in-house and remote teams, optional text messaging feature, unlimited dialing and other features included in one price.
Bad: Not intended for inbound operations, call whispering and call barging features not available.
Bottom Line: Call center software that streamlines manual processes, so sales teams can focus more on closing deals.

Product Overview

PhoneBurner is an outbound call center software that’s geared toward sales teams. It has a Power Dialer that can dial up to 80 contacts per hour, and it automates manual tasks, such as leaving voicemails and tracking call statuses. PhoneBurner is deployed in the cloud, so reps can work from anywhere. They simply log into their account and can use a landline, a cell phone, a VoIP or a softphone provided by PhoneBurner.

The Power Dialer allows sales reps to choose from a targeted list of contacts, then automatically dials the number. It can detect when a person answers the phone, the call goes to voicemail, there’s a busy signal or the call goes to a fax machine. If the call goes into voicemail, reps can drop a prerecorded message with a single click, and they can store an unlimited number of voicemail messages within the dialer’s library. Reps can also send emails, add notes or schedule follow-up appointments via the dialer.

The software has numerous benefits, such as:


Aside from the Power Dialer, here are some of PhoneBurner’s other key features.

Contact Manager (CRM) – Contact Manager is a built-in CRM that can store all the details on a contact, including activity history, call recordings and text exchanges. Reps can search the CRM for important leads, sort and filter them to create a targeted list for calls and make calls directly from the contact record. PhoneBurner also supports unlimited call campaigns. Note that along with offering a built-in CRM, the software can also work with a client’s existing CRM system.

Workflow automation – PhoneBurner can automate other workflows, such as email sends or post-call tasks. Reps can build an email template library that they can choose templates from, personalize and send in a few clicks. In addition, with the SmartSender feature, they can track email sends, including clicks, opens and downloads.

LeadStream (lead distribution) – This feature can automatically send incoming leads to the applicable sales rep based on delivery rules set up by the administrator. Administrators can simply import leads in the software and set up redistribution rules by first-come-first-serve, leads blitz (i.e., sending to all reps at once) or another criteria.

Reporting – Sales managers can track reps’ call lengths and other performance metrics within the software in real time. They can create custom reports, as well as play back call recordings. To boost motivation, sales managers can share the real-time leaderboards with their reps.

Local ID – This optional feature can dynamically display local phone numbers that are within a prospect’s location. When clients sign up for this feature, they can choose specific locations. Then, when a rep dials a prospect within that location, a phone number with a local area code is automatically assigned and shown to the prospect. In turn, the prospect is more likely to answer the phone, since it doesn’t display an out-of-area or toll-free number.

Text messaging – With this optional feature, sales reps can send personalized texts to their prospects from the dialer or the contact record. PhoneBurner notifies reps by email or within the software if they receive a text back from the prospect.

Target Market

PhoneBurner targets sales teams at organizations of all sizes in many industries. We’ve listed several of its clients below.

  • CC Capital Group
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Fizber
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • Lifestyle Publications, LLC
  • Move Inc.
  • PanTerra Networks
  • RE/MAX
  • Unishippers
  • Worldwide Express


Clients can import their contacts and begin using the dialer within minutes. But for clients with additional customization needs, PhoneBurner provides a white-glove onboarding service that includes identifying the client’s software goals, testing, creating a contact strategy, training end users and building reports.

In addition to integrating with CRM software, PhoneBurner integrates with over 100 applications, such as eCommerce systems and marketing automation solutions.

Customer Service & Support

Users can browse the knowledge base, submit a ticket or contact support by phone, email or live chat. A dedicated success manager is available for teams with more than five users.


PhoneBurner costs $126 per user, per month (annually) and $149 per user, per month (monthly). While the price is based on a per-user, per-month strategy, administrators can use the software for free. All of the features, including unlimited dialing, onboarding and support, are covered in the price, meaning there are no additional charges or fees.


PhoneBurner is not intended for inbound call center operations. Also, some users say they would like to see call whispering and call barging functionality included in the software.


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Founded in 2008, PhoneBurner’s mission is to help sales team improve their selling and relationship-building skills over the phone. The company strives to provide one-on-one support to its clients and actively seeks feedback on software improvements. Along with helping 1,500 clients make over 2 million calls to date, PhoneBurner also works with charitable organizations, such as Miracle for Kids and Y-Malawi. The company is located in Laguna Beach (CA), and its team is entirely remote.

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