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CallTools At A Glance

Good: Choice of Preview or Predictive dialing solutions, built-in web phone, no long distance fees.
Bad: There's a short learning curve for some users, slow internet connection can affect call quality.
Bottom Line: Call center software that helps companies improve customer service, operational efficiency and revenue.

Product Overview

CallTools is an outbound call center software that empowers agents to work more efficiently. It has a built-in web phone, so agents can make calls within the platform. The software is deployed in the cloud, meaning companies won’t need to host it on their servers. And agents can work on-site or at home because they only need a web browser to access the platform.

CallTools has additional benefits, such as:

  • Improved customer service
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced operating costs (e.g., no hardware to purchase)
  • Unlimited scalability
  • No additional fees (e.g., manager seat included in pricing, no long distance costs)
  • Integration with most customer relationship management (CRM) systems


CallTools has two dialing solutions: Preview and Predictive. We discuss each one below.

Preview – The Preview dialing solution is intended for small call centers or companies that only need it for a specific function (e.g., a healthcare office reminding patients of appointments). It includes a built-in CRM, so agents can search for a specific contact record and preview the data (e.g., calling history, notes) before dialing. They can simply click on the record to begin dialing, and they can also select a list of numbers and begin dialing them with a single click.

Managers can monitor each agent’s performance via a dashboard, including listening on the calls in real time and accessing call recordings. They can also customize the call settings (e.g., Do Not Call lists), create scripts for agents, set up triggered actions based on call outcomes and limit the number of times the software dials a particular number.

The software also includes conversational SMS (text) features, such as two-way messaging and templates. Companies can purchase text-enabled local and toll-free numbers, which are then added to their account so no porting is required.

Predictive – The Predictive dialing solution has all the features of the Preview solution, plus additional predictive and power dialing features to help busy call centers reach out to customers quickly. Its algorithms predict if the recipient will answer the call and transfers the live call to the agent. This way, agents don’t waste time in listening to voicemail messages or dealing with hangups.

While the Predictive dialing solution is intended for outbound call centers, it does have inbound dialing functionality. Supervisors can set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu that provides the caller with a series of automated options before the call is routed to a live agent.

Target Market

CallTools is intended for call centers of all sizes in many industries, such as finance, real estate, insurance and health care.

We don’t have a list of its clients, so if you’re looking for references, contact the company directly.

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Because CallTools is deployed in the cloud, the implementation timeline is shorter than on-premise solutions. The implementation process can vary depending on the client’s requirements.

In addition to CRM software, CallTools integrates with marketing automation systems and other third-party solutions, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Keap, Zoho and Google Apps. CallTools also offers custom integration services.

Customer Service & Support

Users can submit a ticket or contact support by phone or email.


CallTools doesn’t publicly display its pricing information, so contact the company directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned there’s a slight learning curve for CallTools, but its support team is helpful with answering questions. Also, because the software connects to the internet, a slow connection can affect call quality.


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CallTools’ mission is to provide a customizable, affordable and comprehensive solution to help call centers improve their operations. Its employees have diverse backgrounds that allow them to understand clients’ unique needs and provide personalized service.

The company is headquartered in Irvine, CA, and has offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston and Beaverton (OR).

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