Engagedly Pricing: Features, Costs and Top Talent Management Alternatives

Engagedly is a robust talent management solution with a prime focus on breaking the traditional mold of annual performance reviews by motivating managers to conduct ongoing check-ins throughout the year. The solution uses employee and social recognition tools to help organizations boost staff engagement, collaboration and appreciation, such as reward points and badges. In addition, […]

How Much to Hire a Robot? The First 7 Jobs Worth Automating

Employers, it’s time to ask this daunting question: “How much does it cost to replace my workers with robots?” It may seem unpopular and rather cold, but it’s a valid question that needs answering – and fast. There are countless futurists that will tell you this isn’t a question of morals, it’s simply economic. Economists […]

87% of Companies Struggle with Employee Engagement: How HR Software Can Help

Great employees are irreplaceable. But with technology making companies transparent and connecting a global talent pool, employees can seek out and jump ship to the best possible opportunities available. In fact, CareerBuilder found that 3 out of 4 employees are open to or looking for new job opportunities. And the cost to try and find another qualified […]

Why HR Needs Data Governance: 5 Steps for Leadership

What does HR have to do with data? What can HR do to secure employee data? How can HR take the lead on a data-heavy project? HR’s duties have essentially doubled with technology. While HR’s core functions have remained the same, the process of tracking it all has drastically changed with the rise of Big […]