Engagedly Pricing: Features, Costs and Top Talent Management Alternatives

Engagedly is a robust talent management solution with a prime focus on breaking the traditional mold of annual performance reviews by motivating managers to conduct ongoing check-ins throughout the year.

The solution uses employee and social recognition tools to help organizations boost staff engagement, collaboration and appreciation, such as reward points and badges. In addition, Engagedly provides an option to have multiple people review another individual’s performance, using peer reviews and 360-degree feedback.

Engagedly Talent management software pricing review

We have reviewed Engagedly and compared it with other talent management software in terms of benefits and other attributes. This post focuses on Engagedly’s pricing information, as well as prices of three alternative talent management platforms.

How Much Is Engagedly?

Engagedly doesn’t publicly display its pricing information on its website. Those interested can contact the vendor directly for a quote. However, other online sources cite Engagedly’s price beginning at $2 per user, per month and increasing to $6 per user, per month, depending on breadth of features.

Engagedly offers four pricing packages:

Employee Engagement: This package offers Employee Social, Rewards and Recognition/Shout Outs, Gamification and the Idea Generation tool. It costs $2 per user, per month.

LMS Lite: This package includes eLearning, gamification for learning and Knowledge Sharing platforms. It costs $2 per user, per month.

Performance Management: For $5 per user, per month, this package offers Performance Appraisal, 360 Reviews, 1-on-1 Feedback, Peer Praise, Goal Managment, Employee Profile Managment and Employee Social Platforms.

Performance and Learning: This package includes Performance+, Rewards and Recognition, Employee Referral platforms, and tools for survey building and idea generation. It costs $6 per user, per month.

Packages can be mixed and matched. Engagedly reserves the right to offer volume discounts and set a monthly minimum cost (typically between $100 and $200) for each client.

Regardless of package chosen, each customer is assigned a dedicated Success Manager to help solve system problems or answer users’ questions. Users can also access Engagedly’s knowledge base for various troubleshooting articles. In addition, Engagedly informs its customers whenever new software updates are released.

Top Alternatives to Engagedly

Companies who’ve used Engagedly report that they only pay for the number of users they have on the platform in a given month (per user, per month). Also, pricing is scalable, so it accommodates any changes in a firm’s workforce.

However, for companies that want to compare costs, we found three alternatives that also boast similar features.

ChairliftChairlift uses a similar per-user-per-month pricing strategy as Engagedly. However, it has three pricing packages compared to Engagedly’s four. Chairlift’s Professional plan costs $2 per user, per month. It includes all perks of its Employee Opinion Survey solution, as well as analytics and reporting features.

The Professional plan costs $6 per user, per month. This tier includes 360-feedback, employee directory, objectives and key results, and more.

The Enterprise tier of Chairlift includes all the features of the Professional plan, plus advanced integration with disparate HR systems and enterprise-level support. Those interested in this tier should contact the vendor directly for a quote.

SpriggHR – SpriggHR has a different pricing model than Engagedly. It charges an annual fee based on the number of users. Companies have to pay a $2,700 flat fee per year for five to 50 users with no site installation fee; $50 per user, per year for 51 to 150 users and a $650 site installation fee; $45 per user, per year for 151 to 300 users and an $800 site installation fee; $40 per user, per year for 301 to 500 users and a $1,000 site installation fee; $35 per user, per year for 501 to 750 users and a $1,500 site installation fee; $30 per user, per year for 751 to 1,200 users with a $1,850 site installation fee; and $25 per user, per year for 1,200-plus users with custom pricing for site installation. Prices are based on a volume-discount model, with discounts available for a contractual commitment of two (or more) years.

Oracle Talent Management Cloud – Oracle Talent Management Cloud follows a similar pricing model as Engagedly. Companies have to pay $5 per user, per month for its Talent Acquisition package, $2 per user, per month for its learning package and $8 per user, per month for its talent management package.

The Talent Acquisition package requires companies to employ a minimum workforce of 1,000. The Learning package requires companies to have a minimum of 1,000 users and an additional Oracle cloud module, which could be any of the following: Performance Management, Goal Management, Global Human Resources or Talent Management Base. The Talent Management package also requires companies to have a minimum of 1,000 users.


Engagedly sets an affordable price point with both its per-user-per-month packages and minimum monthly expense (between $100 and $200). Likewise, Chairlift is competitively priced and affords extensive, talent management functionality. Sprigg’s functionality and its exact costs remain competitive. Oracle offers comprehensive functionality, but at a higher price point.

Any talent management solution purchase decision must take into consideration the total cost of ownership (TCO). In other words, what is the complete package you will get for the entire price? Without inquiring from the majority of vendors in the comparison, you can’t make a sound decision.

Each of the four solutions in this review brings strengths and weaknesses to the table. So, you should allocate plenty of research time and perform due diligence when investigating each of these talent management solutions. However, these four offerings aren’t your only options. We’ve featured over 20 talent management platforms on our website for companies of all sizes.

If you’re fairly new to these tools, take a look at our Vendor Comparison Guide. It offers a full overview of stand-out features, available integrations and deployment options for a variety of talent management solutions.