Odoo ERP Pricing – Costs and Pricing Models

Disclaimer: We source public information for Odoo’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

Odoo is a comprehensive open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software made up of an integrated suite of applications. There are over 40 apps that companies can choose from, such as Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing. Because it’s a modular system, customers can start with a subset of tools and add additional apps as needed.

In this post, we’ll describe the Odoo pricing in detail.

How Much Does Odoo Cost?

Odoo has two editions: Community and Enterprise. The Odoo Community version is the open-source software that’s free for users to download. The free version comes with basic apps, such as a Website Builder, Blogs, Forums, Live Chat and eLearning. In addition, the Odoo Community edition provides access to the Sales, CRM, Point of Sale, Invoicing, Project, Inventory, Purchase and Manufacturing apps, and users can access certain features in the Marketing (e.g., Email Marketing, Survey, SMS) and Human Resources apps. Note that Odoo Community isn’t accessible on mobile devices.

Odoo Enterprise is a paid edition that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. We discuss its pricing model below.

Odoo Pricing Model

Odoo Enterprise starts at $28 per user, per month (billed annually). New customers can take advantage of its $4 discount, so the price drops to $24 per user, per month.

If the software is hosted in the cloud, Odoo provides a freemium model where a single application is free for unlimited users. But if the client wants to purchase a subscription of more than one app, they’ll have to pay the costs of the individual apps plus the per-user price. The freemium model doesn’t apply to on-premise hosting.

We’ve listed the pricing of all of the Odoo apps below.


While each app has its own features and can be fully integrated with all other apps, for our purposes, we’ve grouped them into eight main categories. Note that Odoo offers specific apps for free (e.g., Survey, Discuss, Notes, Employees, Blogs, Forums and Live Chat).


Accounting – $24 per month

Invoicing – $12 per month

Expenses – $12 per month

Consolidation – $48 per month


Sales – $12 per month

CRM – $24 per month

Point of Sale – $24 per month

Subscriptions – $24 per month

Rental – $24 per month

Human Resources

Employee Referral – $12 per month

Recruitment – $12 per month

Time Off – $12 per month

Appraisal – $12 per month

Approvals – $12 per month


Email Marketing – $12 per month

Marketing Automation – $36 per month

Social Marketing – $36 per month


Documents – $24 per month

Sign – $24 per month

Helpdesk – $24 per month

Project – $24 per month

Planning – $12 per month

Timesheets – $12 per month

Field Service – $24 per month

Inventory – $36 per month

Purchase – $12 per month


Manufacturing – $48 per month

Maintenance – $24 per month

Quality – $24 per month

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – $24 per month


Website Builder – $24 per month

eCommerce – $12 per month

eLearning – $24 per month

Events – $12 per month

Appointments – $12 per month


Studio – $72 per month

IoT Boxes – $24 per box, per month


Clients can integrate Odoo Enterprise with any of these third-party systems to support current business needs:

DHL Express Shipping – $36 per month

UPS Shipping – $36 per month

United States Postal Service (USPS) – $36 per month

FedEx Shipping – $36 per month

eBay Connector – $72 per month

VoIP – $36 per month

Bpost Shipping – $36 per month

EasyPost Shipping – $36 per month

Amazon – $96 per month


Clients can choose from three implementation methods: deploying the software themselves, purchasing an Implementation Success Pack from the vendor (recommended for less than 50 users) or working with an Odoo implementation partner (if more than 50 users will use the software).

The Odoo Implementation Success Pack has four pricing tiers, and each tier includes a dedicated Customer Success Consultant that will provide project management, training, support, configuration, data import assistance and on-site consulting.

We’ve mentioned the four tiers below (pricing reflects the 15% discount for new customers):

  • Basic – The Basic tier costs $3,060 for 25 hours and is recommended for all apps, excluding Inventory, Manufacturing and Accounting.
  • Standard – The Standard tier costs $5,950 for 50 hours and is recommended for all apps.
  • Custom – The Custom tier costs $10,625 for 100 hours.
  • Pro – The Pro tier costs $21,250 for 200 hours.

Pricing for services provided by the implementation partners can vary, and clients will need to reach out to that company for a custom quote.

Can I use Odoo for free?

As mentioned, customers can use a single app within Odoo Enterprise for free, and the app supports unlimited users. But if they want to choose more than one app, they’ll have to sign up for a 15-day free trial. Odoo doesn’t require credit card information at the time of sign-up.

And because the Odoo Community edition is open source, it’s free, too, but developers may need to pay for advanced features or implementation if desired.


Odoo is a scalable ERP solution that’s available on premise or in the cloud. Its Enterprise edition’s freemium model can benefit small businesses that only need a single app, and its Community edition is free for developers to install and customize the software based on their needs.