Google Drive Pricing: Costs and Pricing Plans

Disclaimer: We source public information for Google Drive’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

Google Drive is a collaboration and document management software that lets teams work together on content. Users can store and access files across many Google apps, such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and more, and they can also set permissions of viewing and editing capabilities of each file.

In this post, we’ll talk about how much Google Drive costs for individuals and businesses.

Is Google Drive free?

Google Drive is free for individuals who have their own personal Google account. But businesses that want premium features that Google offers will need to purchase Google Workspace, a collaboration software suite.

Does Google Workspace have a free trial?

Yes, prospects can sign up for a 14-day free trial. Once the trial ends, they can choose from any of the pricing plans.

Google Workspace Pricing Plans

There are four pricing plans with a per-user, per month pricing strategy. Google Workspace has monthly billing and companies can add or delete users at any time. The plans are:

Business Starter

The Business Starter plan costs $6 per user, per month and includes:

  • Custom business email addresses
  • Calendar
  • 30 GB of free Drive storage per user
  • Up to 100 file types in Drive
  • Meet Video and voice conferencing (up to 100 attendees can participate in video meetings)
  • Chat team messaging
  • Security and management controls
  • Advanced protection programs
  • 24/7 phone and email support for administrators
  • Google Workspace Help Center for non-admin users

Business Standard

The Business Standard plan costs $12 per user, per month. In addition to the features covered in the Basic Starter plan, organizations will receive:

  • 2 TB of free storage per user
  • Video recording
  • Up to 150 participants in video meetings
  • Additional Meet features (e.g., noise cancellation, meetings saved in Google Drive, polling, Q&A, breakout rooms)
  • Shared Drives for teams
  • Target audience sharing for Drive files
  • Advanced chat rooms
  • Appointment booking pages
  • Custom branding for document and form templates
  • Google Cloud Search
  • Google Workspace Migrate tool

Business Plus

The Business Plus plan costs $18 per user, per month and includes all of the features of the Business Standard plan, plus:

  • 5 TB of free storage per user
  • Meeting attendance tracking
  • Up to 500 participants in video meetings
  • Data archive and retention
  • eDiscovery
  • Secure LDAP
  • Advanced endpoint management


The Enterprise plan is available only by quote. It includes all features in the other plans, plus:

  • Unlimited storage
  • In-domain live streaming within meeting
  • The ability to search third-party data in Google Cloud Search
  • The ability to build apps without code
  • Enterprise-level endpoint management
  • Advanced security features (e.g., data loss prevention, security center, S/MIME encryption, access transparency)
  • Optional assured controls
  • Enhanced support (e.g., one-hour response time for Priority 1 cases, 24/7 support for Priority 1 and 2 cases, technical experts, third-party tech support)

The Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus plans have a maximum of 300 users, whereas the Enterprise plan doesn’t have a minimum or maximum user limit.


Google Workspace offers several optional hardware and apps, as well as premium support.

Google Meet hardware

Businesses can enable Google Meet in their desktops or conference rooms with the Series One family of videoconferencing hardware. The Series One family includes desktop Google Meet devices for all size teams, from personal use on a desktop to large conference rooms. The devices include all features of Google Meet, plus Google AI capabilities and self-diagnostic features. Pricing isn’t available, so prospects should contact Google for a quote.


Jamboard is a whiteboard-style app that lets users collaborate on an interactive canvas. With real-time co-authoring features, users can pull content from Docs, Sheets, Slides and images that’s stored on Google Drive. Pricing starts at $4,999 for a single Jamboard display, two styluses, an eraser and a wall mount, plus an annual support and management fee of $600.

Chrome Enterprise

The Chrome Enterprise is a cloud-powered solution that includes the Chrome browser, Chrome OS and Chrome devices. Since this is hosted by Google, IT teams won’t have to worry about maintenance and can focus on critical or strategic tasks. Pricing isn’t publicly available, so prospects will need to contact Google for a quote.

Google Voice

The Google Voice business phone system can be used from any device and comes with domestic and international calls, voice transcription, unlimited SMS for U.S. numbers, call forwarding, Google AI and 24/7 support. There are three pricing tiers: Starter for $10 per user, per month for up to 10 users, Standard for $20 per user, per month for unlimited users and Premier for $30 per user, per month for unlimited international locations.

Premium Support

Companies under the Enterprise plan can opt to purchase the Premium support plan, which includes all of the Enhanced support plan features mentioned above, plus 15-minute response times for Priority 1 and 2 cases, 24/7 support for Priority 1, 2 and 3 cases, a technical account manager, operational health reviews, training and new product previews.


Businesses can choose from any of the scalable Google Workspace pricing plans, which includes robust Google Drive features in its lowest-priced tier. They can also purchase add-on features for more functionality. Interested prospects can sign up for a 14-day free trial or contact Google for more information.

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