Social networking profiles more accurate than resumes?

In the debate about whether to search for candidates online before they’re hired, here’s another reason hiring managers may consider doing so: Candidates are often more honest in their LinkedIn profiles than in the resumes they send employers. At least that’s what LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman said at the Social Recruiting Summit held recently at […]

Your peers’ hiring plans

Does your company plan on hiring additional full-time employees in the next few months? How about reducing headcount? If you said no to both, you aren’t alone. More than 64% of employers expect staffing levels to remain steady in this year’s second quarter, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Just 14% said they plan on […]

How easy is your password to crack?

Is your carefully chosen password as secure as you think it is? HR is a goldmine for confidential personal information that’s often the target of identity thieves. Anyone working in the HR department needs to be careful about keeping that data safe. The first step: secure passwords. Some tips for passwords that are tough for […]

Company sued over common employee monitoring tool

Many companies use “keylogging” software or hardware to monitor employees’ computer use. But they might be in trouble, according to this recent court case. Keystroke logging (often called “keylogging”) is a process in which everything someone types on a keyboard is recorded, by either a piece of software or a hardware device installed between the […]