Big Data in 2016: 3 Bold Predictions from Industry Insiders

Big data has changed the world of business. Companies are now able to organize, analyze and derive value from millions of rows of data that just a few years ago would have been meaningless. Big data and data analytics have enabled businesses to do everything from predicting fine wine prices, to improving delivery routes, to fighting fraud. To get […]

The Future of Data Warehousing: 7 Industry Experts Share Their Predictions

The days of using spreadsheets to manage a company’s data are long gone. The big data revolution has brought profound changes to how companies collect, store, manage, and analyze their data. Advances in data warehousing have empowered companies to take millions of rows of disparate bits of information and generate on-demand, real-time insights to help make smarter, data-driven […]

The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics Infographic

Predictive analytics helps business see their future. Quickly becoming mainstream, predictive analytics tools can comb through a company’s data to identify hidden patterns, trends, risks, and opportunities. But how do businesses get started? How can they apply predictive analytics to increase sales and customer loyalty? Better Buys has partnered with AgileOne, a leading predictive marketing platform, […]

The Secret Influence of Algorithms [Infographic]

You may not realize it, but algorithms are impacting our world like never before. Whether they’re keeping us healthy, predicting the next natural disaster, or even just suggesting that perfect movie, algorithms are able to harness the power of big data to generate remarkably precise predictions at an incredible scale. Check out the below infographic to discover exactly how algorithms […]