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Hubstaff At A Glance

Good: Allows you to track and pay remote workers accurately.
Bad: Pricing is determined by the number of users in increments of five.
Bottom Line: Ideal solution for employers with satellite workers who are paid based on the time spent on assignments, such as coders and freelancers.

Product Overview

Hubstaff is a unique time-tracking solution with tools for employees to carefully balance their time spent on projects. It’s especially good for companies that have remote employees, contract workers or freelancers.

The solution is entirely cloud-based. Employees clock in and out on their computers and track their productivity online. Managers are able to monitor and report on how employees spend time with a number of advanced tools.

Hubstaff integrates with a wide range of popular cloud solutions so employees can better manage their time across platforms. This is especially important for teams working remotely. Hubstaff helps employers track employees’ productivity across tasks since it accounts for the exact amount of time an employee spends using each tool. See our implementation/integration section for more on this benefit.


We chose to highlight the following five features to reflect Hubstaff’s strengths:

1. Time Tracking: A time-tracking sidebar lets users toggle when they’re working and what they’re working on. The sidebar appears as a widget on the side of the user’s screen and can be moved around easily. As employees use the time tracker, employers can limit the number of hours employees can work to stay within their budgets.

2. Screenshots: One of the most unique features of Hubstaff is the ability to take periodic screenshots as the employee works. This is another way employers can see how employees progress while they’re using the productivity timer, adding more transparency to the time workers put into assignments. The screenshots can also be saved as blurred images to protect sensitive information.

3. Activity Levels: The solution offers a number of ways to monitor your staff’s work. Dashboards show when employees are online, when they’ve gone idle, and the time spent per app and URL. Each can be turned on or off, and employers can also toggle settings by user.

4. Automatic Payroll: Time-tracking features auto-fill online time sheets so verifying an employee’s pay is much simpler. Time sheets show the employee’s start and stop times while working on defined projects. These times can be edited if necessary. Employee payments and pay rates are set up within the system, and they integrate with PayPal for sending payments.

5. Advanced Reporting: Work reports drill down to a number of details by user, date and project. Export reports to Quickbooks, or in PDF and CSV formats.

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Target Market

Hubstaff was designed to help companies keep track of remote hourly workers who are paid based on the time it takes to turn in a product or finish a project.

Ideal clients are agencies that focus on hiring, content marketing, IT, realty, and many other specialized services.

Below is a sample list of Hubstaff’s customers:

  • GrowMyTeam
  • VideoMedicine
  • OnlineSpecialists
  • CenterCityPrint
  • Partneris
  • KORE Realty
  • Shield Watch

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Hubstaff integrates with many different types of workforce solutions. Project management add-ons include Asana, GitHub, Trello, Zoho Projects and many more.

The solution also integrates with ShiftPlanning for scheduling, Zendesk as a help desk, PayPal for invoices and Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), among other options for each solution type.

Customer Service & Support

Customer support offers a beginner’s guide, a library of detailed walk-through videos and a support ticket system.

A library of commonly asked questions about information pertaining to system administrators is also available on Hubstaff’s support site.


There is a 14-day free trial. Hubstaff provides three pricing plans that is based on increments of five users for up to 50 users (companies that has more than 50 employees can contact Hubstaff directly for a quote):

  • Solo Lite: This plan is free, regardless of the number of users. It offers limited features, such as time tracking, limited screenshots and activity levels.
  • Basic: The Basic plan starts at $5 per month for a single user and increases up to $249 per month for 50 users. This plan includes the Solo Lite features, plus all screenshots storage, keyboard and mouse activity, employee payments, user settings and 24/7 customer support.
  • Premium: The Premium plan starts at $9 per month for a single user and increases up to $499 per month for 50 users. It includes advanced features such as app and URL tracking, automatic payroll, weekly limits, idle time control, invoicing, scheduling and integration to other solutions.


While pricing is competitive, adding users is done in increments of five. For example: A smaller team requiring six accounts must pay for 10. This is less than optimal, as the pricing doubles between five and 10.

Overall, Hubstaff has had very positive client feedback.


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Hubstaff’s founders, Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown, began as entrepreneurs who managed a team of global freelancers. They developed Hubstaff with the vision to connect remote workers in order to run a business without any overhead costs.

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