5 Benefits of Electronic Signatures for HR Departments

Many companies (including such giants as Tesla and Deutsche Bank) have already shifted from using wet-ink signatures to electronic signature software for signing important documents, like agreements, financial statements, balance sheets, contracts, etc. Such demand for this technology is due to surging security concern among entrepreneurs, an attempt to reduce the usage of paper in […]

Cloud-Based Recruiting Software and Why it Works for Businesses of All Sizes

Every business knows how crucial it is to recruit the right person for the various job roles present in their organization, which is why businesses these days are continually looking to optimize their recruitment function. This is where the concept of cloud recruiting comes in. Cloud recruitment makes for the perfect solution due to its […]

5 Ways Recruiting Software Can Help You Bring In More Top Talent

HR software doesn’t create anything new. It just taps into what already exists. Helpful resources exist in multiple places – social media, your phone, search engines – that are waiting to be leveraged to improve hiring strategy. These tools not only address issues in hiring strategy, they’ve revolutionized the way HR approaches recruiting. Tapping the […]