How Much Does Project Management Software Cost? 2023 Pricing Guide

Download This Pricing Guide As a PDF Pricing is one of the most important factors in choosing any software, especially a project management solution. Some vendors provide transparent pricing information on their websites, while others prefer to provide a specialized quote, as companies’ requirements for software can vary. We’ve developed this comprehensive guide to detail […]

6 HubSpot Alternatives to Consider

The right marketing automation software can help your business create campaigns and reach prospects across channels like email, social media and search engines. It allows you to track leads through your entire marketing and sales funnel, and use automation tools to provide a more personalized experience. When talking about marketing automation, HubSpot is one brand […]

5 Basecamp Alternatives to Consider

Project management software helps your business plan projects, organize tasks, and meet upcoming deadlines. It also provides you with a shared workspace where you can easily communicate and collaborate. Why is this important?  It’s simple: Companies that use collaboration tools report a 32% increase in productivity and reduce the number of meetings by 25%. I […]

How Many Project Management Tools Is Too Many?

Project management software was one of the first and most important software categories. The advent and adoption of the personal computer in the 80’s and 90’s fueled the initial spark for project management programs, as people began to multitask and take advantage of scheduling and task management tools. And an even bigger shift occurred in […]