ATS Features Checklist

So you’re interested in an applicant tracking system (ATS)? That’s great news! But how do you know which features you need? There are 200+ applicant tracking systems out there and each comes with different bells and whistles. To help you navigate through this, we have built out an Applicant Tracking System Features checklist that you […]

Why HR Needs Data Governance: 5 Steps for Leadership

What does HR have to do with data? What can HR do to secure employee data? How can HR take the lead on a data-heavy project? HR’s duties have essentially doubled with technology. While HR’s core functions have remained the same, the process of tracking it all has drastically changed with the rise of Big […]

How to Implement Document Management Software

How long does it take to implement a Document Management System (DMS)? What should I expect with pricing, the time frame, and common issues? The best way of approaching implementation is through the eyes of those that will have access. Document Management Systems (DMS) provide many features for meeting a team’s document needs. As you consider […]