Tableau vs Excel: Comparing Core Features and Functions

Many feel Tableau and Excel are competing solutions. Others think the tools are like apples and oranges. Both tools are used for data analysis. However, each takes a different approach to exploring data and finding key insights. Here’s a deeper look into what makes the two different: Spreadsheet vs Data Visualization The simple explanation: Excel is a […]

Effective Dashboard Design: 3 Keys to a Solid Foundation

Does this sound familiar: Your company decided to be data-driven, so you’re pulling data from multiple sources and drowning in it, trying to figure out what’s important. If so, you’re not alone! Many businesses are overwhelmed with data overload. In fact, in its Guide to Business Dashboards, Klipfolio reported that “managing and extracting real value […]

How to Create Effective Dashboards: 3 Best Practices

It’s no secret that organizations are swimming in data. And when you’re not a data expert, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of information. A useful, well-designed dashboard makes all the difference. Dashboards allow even the least tech-savvy users to make better business decisions. But when creating a dashboard, it’s simply not enough to list all […]