How to Evaluate Embedded BI in 5 Easy Steps

If wading through a sea of embedded BI solutions in search of the perfect fit for your product sounds daunting, it should. Wading really isn’t what you want to be doing, but it’s what SaaS providers end up doing when they launch a product search without a plan. They may happen upon a suitable solution […]

Leveraging Business Intelligence to Improve Business Operations

Organizations are constantly on the lookout for how to best improve their operations. Case in point, companies have been leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) to gain actionable insights into their business data that will strengthen their performance. However, to improve your company’s overall efficiency, rather than looking at the next big solution that hits the market, the answer […]

Avoid the Pitfalls: 3 Reasons 80% of BI Projects Fail

What stands in the way of a company fully adopting a business intelligence (BI) solution? In a survey in his study Why BI Projects Fail – And What To Do About It  Timo Elliott referenced a study asking business technology professionals a similar question. The findings: 51% of the respondents said integrations and compatibility issues were the […]

How Can I Measure ROI of Business Intelligence?

Your company’s data has gotten to a point where Excel spreadsheets simply aren’t cutting it anymore. You need something more to help organize and analyze the information you’re accumulating. Any company can benefit from the analytical power of Business Intelligence (BI). However, when it comes to finding a tool and implementing it, there is no one […]