Pentaho vs. Tableau: Compare Core BI Capabilities and More

Pentaho and Tableau are two self-service business intelligence (BI) products that help companies better visualize and understand their data to maker better data-driven decisions. In this post, we’ll compare the two solutions on various factors. What are the Differences Between Pentaho and Tableau? Pentaho is mainly a data integration platform with analytics capabilities, whereas Tableau […]

Why Use Business Intelligence Tools? 10 Strategic Benefits

Business Intelligence (BI) software is a significant investment. You may be thinking: “Why do we need Business Intelligence?” To justify this expense, decision makers need to look at big picture advantages. BI compiles a company’s most essential data so employees can focus on answering crucial questions. Access to data allows for fast decision making and […]

How Much to Hire a Robot? The First 7 Jobs Worth Automating

Employers, it’s time to ask this daunting question: “How much does it cost to replace my workers with robots?” It may seem unpopular and rather cold, but it’s a valid question that needs answering – and fast. There are countless futurists that will tell you this isn’t a question of morals, it’s simply economic. Economists […]