3 Ways to Tackle the Data-Analyst Shortage

One upon a time, data-driven businesses – that is to say, all businesses – worried about how to gather more and more data. There was no such thing as too much. That hasn’t changed. Data gathering still plays a big role in any successful business. Here’s what has changed: Businesses are running short of people […]

BI Industry Monthly Roundup: May

Each month, BI Software Insight will report on the major developments in the business intelligence industry, highlighting the most important news from vendors across the field. This roundup will include purchases, partnerships, investments, and new and updated software releases. Microsoft and SAP Microsoft now has the capability to run SAP applications in their own programs, including […]

BI Predictions: 9 Experts Discuss Where Business Intelligence is Headed

Business intelligence is one of the fastest moving industries right now. BI vendors are innovating quicker than ever in an arms race to help businesses make smarter data-driven decisions. To find out where the industry is headed, we reached out to 9 experts to get their perspective. Prediction: We predict a dramatic increase in the […]

The Big Data Skills Gap: Are Schools Preparing Students for a Data-Driven Workplace

Big data has arrived. In almost every industry, businesses are generating and capturing exponentially more information than they were just a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately, the higher education system seems to have struggled to keep up in terms of preparing students for this new digital universe. Data Overload It’s tough for many of us […]