BI Industry Monthly Roundup: June

Each month, BI Software Insight will report on the major developments in the business intelligence in dustry, highlighting the most important news from vendors across the field. This roundup will include purchases, partnerships, investments, and new and updated software releases. Cloudera Cloudera has made a lot of noise in the BI market with its latest purchase […]

Why Data Without Analysis Is Meaningless

‘Big data’ as a buzzword has captured just as much attention as any. For the most part this attention is well deserved, but I’m afraid that in paying so much attention to big data we may be leaving out the most important part: analytics. That is to say, creating, documenting, and retrieving vast amounts of […]

Demystifying Data is the First Step Towards Taking Action

Data are values of qualitative or quantitative variables, belonging to a set of items. Or are they? While data is often regarded as an abstract, it’s really just a way to track everything that surrounds us and how we interact with it. And the beauty of that is that every day, in all our lives, […]

5 Honest BI Predictions for 2014

Do you ever wonder where annual IT forecasts come from? When they’re over-the-top optimistic about, say, adoption rates, or simply out in left field relative to where the industry stands today, you have to wonder whose agenda is driving them. As usual, a surge of BI market predictions for the coming year has flooded in. […]