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Property Boulevard At A Glance

Good: Can track multiple buildings and users in a network with one platform. Also, customers can choose between an on-premise or a cloud-based system.
Bad: The support team is only available during specific hours in the Pacific time zone.
Bottom Line: A robust property management system and comprehensive accounting tool that streamlines the time-consuming tasks of a property manager.

Product Overview

Property Boulevard is an end-to-end property management system designed for managers of commercial, residential, homeowners’ association and student housing properties.

Property Boulevard Inc. focuses on two concepts for its solution:

  1. To be a full management tool rather than just an accounting tool
  2. Allows all users to work with real-time data rather than loading batches of information

Property Boulevard provides specific features that benefit each property market. They include:

  • Commercial Apartment Manager (CAM) recovery and reconciliation
  • Pre-scheduled and automated escalations and rent increases
  • Full visibility for tenants with multiple leases and units
  • Automated work orders and tenant improvements (TI)
  • Commercial rent roll dashboard
  • Properties tree and multiple levels of consolidations
  • Easy vacancy advertising
  • Instant tenant screening
  • Multiple, parallel tenants in a unit
  • Roommate and anchor tenant management
  • Subsidized housing (Section 8)
  • ACH and online portal payments
  • Prospective tenant management from start to finish
  • Student housing
  • Online work order requests
  • Automated message broadcasting
  • Minnesota & Missouri Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP)
Homeowners’ Association
  • Automated budgeting and budget build-up
  • ACH and online portal payment
  • Automated special assessments
  • Automated Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) notices
  • Online work order request
  • Controlled access to information and reports for board members
  • Accrual-based and cash-based financials
  • Automated message broadcasting
  • Voting and proxies


Property Boulevard has a dynamic range of features that make property management and accounting simple. They can be separated into the following categories:



  • Multiple recurring charges per tenant or unit
  • Automated and time-sensitive recurring charges
  • Custom charges
  • Subsidies (such as Section 8)
  • Automated rent increases
  • Automated late fees
  • CAM charges and reconciliation
  • Security deposits and refund management


  • ePay
  • Payment portal
  • Cash, non-rental and third-party receipt management
  • Apply or waive late fees
  • Returned (NSF) check
  • Write-off management
  • Discount applications


  • Automated recurring charges
  • Auto start/end recurring charges
  • Vendor restrictions
  • Separate check requirements
  • Cashier check requirements
  • Management fees
  • Payments to owners


  • User-defined check layouts
  • E-banking, direct deposit and electronic fund transfer (EFT)
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Reserve amounts
  • Property’s virtual balance
Accounting & Banking


  • Manage accrual and cash at all times
  • Financial statements per property
  • Aggregated financial statements
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed asset management
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Automated reversal in next period
  • Cross-reference to external chart


  • Link multiple bank accounts to individual or groups of properties
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Account register
  • MICR deposit slip
  • Deposit slip per property or account
  • Human Resources profiling
  • Departmental payroll
  • Automated calculations of taxes and withholdings
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Union, certified and multi-state payroll
  • Pay period management
  • Pension and benefit program management
  • Loans and advances management
  • W-2, W-3, 940, state’s quarterly
Productivity & Security


  • Custom toolbar
  • Security-controlled visibility
  • Online help
  • Free user support forums
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Automatic updates

Paperless Office:

  • Multiple comments per item
  • Support for digital images
  • External document attachments


  • Separate login and custom security per user
  • Manage access rules to specific functions and properties
Unit & Tenant Management


  • User-defined unit types, utilities, appliances, amenities and more
  • Events log management


  • Alternate tenant address
  • Property-sensitive pool
  • Multiple lease management per tenant
  • Custom anniversary date
  • User-defined status and fields
  • Restrictive charges, payments and legal notices

Tenant – Unit:

  • Multiple tenants per unit
  • Multiple units per tenant
  • Multiple leases for each tenant unit
  • Multiple recurring charges for each tenant unit
  • Separate move-in/move-out to/from each unit

Legal Notices:

  • Standard notice templates
  • Customized notices
  • Single and multiple tenant process
  • Recipients by criteria
Vendors, Maintenance & Inventory

Work Orders:

  • Materials list
  • Multiple vendor assignment
  • Vendor’s schedule and budget
  • Workforce details
  • Compare scheduled with actual start/end
  • Delineated and mark-up costs
  • Charge tenants, owners or vendors
  • Track work order progress

Purchase Order:

  • Property and unit levels
  • Ship management
  • Selectable destination
  • Multiple receipt management
  • Links to payable

Tool & Equipment Tracking:

  • Tool classification and grouping
  • Item serial number input
  • Tool and equipment tracking
  • Usage history


  • Formatted part numbers
  • User-defined units of measurement
  • Item cost, price and class input
  • Man-hour per item

  • Accounting & Financials?
  • Lease Management?
  • Maintenance Management?
  • Mobile?
  • Owner Portal?
  • Rental Listings?
  • Tenant Portal?

Target Market

Property Boulevard aims to streamline tasks for property managers in small to large real-estate companies. Some of its customers include:

  • SLM Commercial
  • Marian Realty Inc.
  • Kenmore Apartments Co.
  • The Reseda Apartments
  • Carmel Management, Inc.
  • Advantage Prime LLC

Download Now: Property Management Buyer's Guide

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Property Boulevard offers a free 30-day demo period to test the solution against your company’s requirements.

After clients contact the support staff, Property Boulevard will start the implementation process. This includes services like data conversion, setup and configuration to define the tools to meet your company’s needs.

IT specialists are also available to help with installation and setting up networks, servers and workstations.

Customer Service & Support

Property Boulevard’s support staff is available to address questions and concerns via phone and GoToMeeting, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST. Questions and requests can also be emailed to the support team.


Property Boulevard doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Some customers have complained that Property Boulevard’s support team is only available during specific hours in the Pacific time zone. This makes it difficult for some users to make phone contact or schedule training sessions.


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Before creating an intuitive property management system, Property Boulevard interviewed hundreds of property management professionals to understand their needs and opinions. Its goal is “to provide you with a powerful tool that meets all your business needs and facilitates your success.”

The company’s headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, and provides its services worldwide.

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