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MRI Software At A Glance

Good: International and multi-currency support for managing property all over the world.
Bad: Some users have noted issues with the SaaS hosted version regarding Accounting needs.
Bottom Line: Robust property management solutions tailored to real estate niches and investment strategies.

Product Overview

MRI Software helps real estate managers, owners and investors keep up with financial responsibilities and property care. The solution can manage both commercial and multifamily properties, as well as corporate property.

The software vendor offers a vast range of property management solutions specifically tailored to select parts of the industry. For example, Commercial Property Management Software is one option. Customers can also purchase NYC Rent Regulation Software or Global Valuations Software, along with many other options.

For the purposes of this review, rather than detail specific solution types for each potential client, we’ve chosen to describe MRI’s capabilities broadly to show the vendor’s strengths.


MRI’s solutions are broken into four broad categories that depend on whether the client is involved with commercial, residential or corporate property. The following is a breakdown of these four categories:

  1. Property management: Accounting, lease administration, billing, reporting and project management tasks can be planned and executed through the solution. Residential property management includes affordable housing software with features for subsidy programs, tax credits and public housing. Maintenance expense tracking, automated invoicing, and configurable reports and dashboards are all central tools.
  2. Resident and tenant relationship management: The Resident and Tenant Connect portals allow residents to make payments directly through the system. For property managers and other team members, tools for workflow automation enhance communication with mobile access. These tools include visitor management features for streamlining lobby traffic and preventive maintenance management features for routinely checking equipment before it breaks.
  3. Financial management: Budget and forecasting features allow users to balance accounts and ensure the accuracy of their data. Accounts payable features let users send invoices and print checks.
  4. Flexibility features: An audit trail is saved in the system to create a history of all changes. Additional applications can be built into the system for a range of customized features such as navigation menus, page formats and branding across the solution.

  • Accounting & Financials?
  • Lease Management?
  • Maintenance Management?
  • Mobile?
  • Owner Portal?
  • Rental Listings?
  • Tenant Portal?

Target Market

MRI offers solutions to a broad range of property management clients around the world. Currently, the company doesn’t release names of its clients.

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MRI offers both Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-premise hosting. So customers have the option of either allowing MRI to store and maintain their data, or storing and maintaining their own data with an in-house IT team.

The solution is also able to integrate with a vast number of third-party tools to supplement document management, sales, utilities, package tracking and more.

Customer Service & Support

Depending on the country and time zone, offices are open and available as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 8 p.m. local time.

MRI has a client portal for users to submit tickets and access live help. Webinars introduce interested businesses to how the solution works, and live training seminars hosted by experts help new users adjust to the solution.

MRI’s research and development team adds functionality based on user feedback. The company says clients will eventually have access to features that are frequently suggested.


MRI Software doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Some clients have described the solution as too robust for their needs and more expensive than they’d prefer. Others have said the online SaaS hosted version isn’t as Accounting-friendly as the on-premise self-hosted version.


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MRI Software has customers throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Over 500 employees work for MRI.

The company’s mission is to exist “to enable the real estate industry to improve where people work and live.”

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