Smartsheet Pricing: Features, Costs and Top Project Management Alternatives

Smartsheet is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application aimed at making collaboration and work management tasks easier. Although Smartsheet uses spreadsheets to help streamline project management tasks, it’s different from other spreadsheet-based applications because of the many collaboration options incorporated into it.

As a leading work management platform, Smartsheet is designed to help people move quickly from ideas to action. Its familiar, Excel-like interface makes it easy for businesses to get started with using the software and organizing projects.

We reviewed Smartsheet and compared it to other project management solutions in terms of features and other attributes. This post will focus on its pricing, as well as the pricing of alternative solutions.

How Much Is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet offers four pricing plans:

  • Individual – This plan costs $14 per month when billed annually, and is good for people who want to be more efficient and have the ability to collaborate with anyone involved in a project. The features of the Individual package include email support, ability to create up to 10 sheets, attachment reminders and notifications, commenting, card view, Gantt charts/critical path, forms and integration with all top cloud productivity apps.
  • Business – This option costs $25 per user per month when billed annually. It has a minimum purchase of three users and is made for business teams that want to drive execution with automated actions and Sights. Similar to a dashboard, a Smartsheet Sight helps users visualize, summarize, and share important aspects of their work, such as project status or whether they’re on target with key performance indicators. This package includes all of the features of the Team plan, plus up to 100 sheets per user, automated actions, activity logs, Sights, and live data connections.
  • Enterprise – This plan offers industry-specific solutions and company-wide plans. It’s available for businesses that want to execute at scale production while keeping security, visibility and control intact. Teams interested in the Enterprise package will have to get a price quote from Smartsheet. The Enterprise plan offers all of the features of the Business plan, plus single sign-on capabilities and enterprise access control.
  • Premier – The Premier plan includes premium features, such as support, access to apps (e.g., DataMesh, Dynamic View) and application connectors (Jira, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics). Similar to the Enterprise plan, interested companies should contact Smartsheet for a quote.

Each plan allows an unlimited number of collaborators to work on a user’s sheets at no cost. However, these collaborators can only view and edit sheets.

Top Alternatives to Smartsheet

Smartsheet offers pricing plans for companies of all sizes in all industries.

However, for companies that want to compare prices, here are three alternatives that are also intended for companies of all sizes in any industry.

Wrike: Wrike offers five different plans: Free, Professional, Business, Wrike for Marketers and Enterprise.

  • Free – Businesses can use the free plan for up to five users. It allows unlimited collaborators and offers 2 GB of storage space. This plan includes Wrike’s core elements, i.e., board and spreadsheet views, real-time Activity Stream, file sharing, tasks discussion, mobile apps and cloud storage integration.
  • Professional – The pricing starts at $9.80 per user per month (billed annually). It includes subtask management, storage space starting at 5 GB, shareable dashboards, Gantt charts, collaborators and advanced integration.
  • Business – This plan is also for five to 200 users and is priced at $24.80 per user per month. It includes advanced features such as custom fields and workflows, time tracking, real-time reports with scheduled notifications, report templates, user group and permissions, graphical analytics, calendars, request forms, projects and tasks approvals, integration with Salesforce and an automation engine and 50 GB of storage space.
  • Wrike for Marketers – This plan is intended for marketing and creative teams and includes all the features of the Business version, plus marketing-oriented functions, such as Wrike Proof (track proofing and approval processes), Wrike Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, Wrike Publish (digital asset management), and tailored templates and workspaces. Interested prospects will need to get a custom quote.
  • Enterprise  – The Enterprise plan is aimed at businesses with an unlimited number of users or companies that have custom requirements. It includes even more advanced features, such as 100 GB of storage, two-factor authentication, real-time reporting, single sign-on and folder permissions. Companies have to get a pricing quote from Wrike (the average price is about $35 per user per month).

Note: Amounts shown are priced per user per month but billed on an annual basis.

Basecamp: Basecamp has a simple pricing structure. It’s $99/month for unlimited users and projects. Basecamp’s price is all-inclusive, meaning all tools, support, live classes, security, privacy, and 99.99% uptime is included. Basecamp also offers free accounts for teachers and students and discounts for nonprofits. Basecamp offers a free 30-day trial that can be extended upon request.

Workzone: Workzone offers three pricing plans: Team, Professional and Enterprise.

  • Team – This plan costs $24 per user, per month and includes project and task management features, file collaboration and approval, reporting, unlimited workspaces, success-based support, training and 100 GB storage.
  • Professional – This plan costs $34 per user, per month and has all the features of the Team plan, plus 150 GB of storage and custom project intake forms.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan ($43 per user, per month) includes all the features of the other two plans as well as 200 GB of storage, single sign-on, API access, custom fields and reports, workspace groups and critical paths.


Smartsheet is a leading SaaS platform designed to help companies of all sizes plan, track, automate and report on projects. Smartsheet’s many features make project tracking and collaboration simple. Its prices are pretty reasonable for any business. For example, for $14 per user per month, companies can have team sheets, email support and work with an unlimited number of collaborators who can view and edit sheets.

Wrike, on the other hand, is more expensive. Although Wrike is flexible and customizable, companies have to spend $9.80 per user per month to fully use its project planning and collaboration features. However, Wrike can scale from small business to enterprise and is great for helping fast-growing companies with their increasing project management needs.

Although, Basecamp can be used by any size organization to manage a group, including startups, nonprofits, client service firms and freelancers/solopreneurs. Basecamp’s flat-fee pricing model makes it the most economical solution for larger teams because the price doesn’t go up as companies add people.

These four vendors are just a handful of project management solutions to consider. If you’re looking at other solutions, check out our detailed reviews page where we’ve reviewed over 25 vendors.  

If you need more information on project management solutions in general, our definitive guide can help. This guide discusses benefits, features and what to look for when purchasing a solution.