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Celoxis At A Glance

Good: Dedicated portal for clients, robust project management and collaboration features, flexible integration.
Bad: Steep learning curve for users who've never used a project management solution before, may be too full-featured for small offices.
Bottom Line: Project and portfolio management solution that eliminates the need for multiple emails and spreadsheets.

Product Overview

Celoxis is an all-in-one project portfolio management (PPM) solution that eliminates the need for managing multiple spreadsheets, emails and other files within a project.

Project managers that typically work on multiple projects can track all aspects of each project in one portfolio, including budgeting, resources and more. They can also collaborate with their colleagues or clients within the platform instead of through email. Celoxis is flexible enough to manage both small projects and large, multimillion dollar projects.

Clients can decide to deploy Celoxis in the cloud initially, then migrate to an on-premise version at a later date.

In addition to robust features and flexible deployment, other benefits include:

  • Integration with over 400 business applications
  • Pricing based on users rather than tiers, so all clients access the same features
  • A dedicated client portal for enhanced collaboration with clients and customers
  • Available in multiple languages


We’ve indicated the key features of Celoxis:

Project request tracking – Project managers can pull various task requests from different sources, such as emails or spreadsheets, and manage them within the Project Request Queue. Requests can be sorted by specific attributes, including time, cost, capacity, risk or benefit.

Project planning – With this tool, project managers can build project plans that allow for flexibility based on real-world situations – for example, any unplanned budgeting concerns with a project. Some of the features include automatic scheduling, Gantt charts, interproject dependencies and assigning multiple resources to a task. Managers can also allocate resources in hours instead of percentages.

Project tracking – Using the tracking dashboard, project managers can track milestones, tasks, problem areas and a project’s overall health. The tool has intelligent health indicators that track progress and estimate completion. It uses red/amber/green alert signals to highlight problem areas for managers. Managers can also receive automatic email alerts if issues arise – for example, if a task deadline isn’t met.

Resource management – Project managers can use real-time charts to assign resources to specific projects, relying on factors such as employee availability or skills. The resource management tool accommodates multiple shifts and any situation that impacts a resource’s availability, such as vacation or sick leave. Celoxis also offers clients the ability to create virtual users who don’t have access to the software, but can participate in discussions and receive alerts about projects via email. They can also be assigned to projects for planning purposes.

Project accounting – The project accounting tool measures actual and estimated costs and revenue within a project. Project managers can access real-time data on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as profits and margins. Celoxis supports milestone-based billing (billing clients after specific milestones) and other flexible billing models.

Portfolio management – Project managers can track all of their projects within a portfolio using the customizable portfolio dashboard. They can prioritize specific projects, manage requests within a project and perform a real-time analysis on their portfolio.

Reporting and dashboards – The reporting and dashboard tools provide real-time insights into a project. Some of its features include customized reporting fields, customized drill-down charts and automatic scheduling of email reports.

Collaboration – Project managers can collaborate with their colleagues and clients in various ways, such as using online discussion forums and a shareable calendar. Celoxis also includes pages that resemble social media sites and include an activity stream and a notifications center. Users can directly tag other users in a comment through the @mention annotation. Users are also able to share files, and each file has built-in version control. Finally, there’s a free client portal for clients to access and share comments on information that’s relevant to their projects.

Time and expense – Project managers can track employees’ time on a particular project, as well as bill invoices to clients. Managers can also track and reimburse employees for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred for a specific project (e.g., travel). This module also includes a multi-level approval workflow, a task timer, weekly timesheets and automatic email reminders.

Custom workflow – Celoxis offers custom workflow apps for companies that want automated workflows tailored to their needs. Examples of those apps include risk management, and issue and bug tracking (for IT and software companies). Companies have the option to customize out-of-the-box apps or create their own app.

Target Market

Celoxis targets many different industries, such as IT services, software services, product development, marketing, e-learning, finance and banking.

We’ve listed some of Celoxis’ clients below:

  • Bombardier
  • The Cheescake Factory
  • Del Monte
  • Deloitte
  • HBO
  • JetBlue
  • KPMG
  • SilkRoad
  • SweetRush Inc.
  • University of Washington

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Clients can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Celoxis. Once the trial ends, they can choose to have Celoxis deployed either on-premise on in the cloud. For a fee, Celoxis offers remote installation and data migration services for clients that want to migrate data from the cloud to on-premise.

Celoxis integrates with over 400 business applications, such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Salesforce, QuickBooks Online, Jira, Slack and Evernote.

Customer Service & Support

Celoxis offers three training packages: Essentials, Enhanced and Comprehensive.

  • The Essentials package is intended for clients that are already familiar with project management systems and just want rapid onboarding. The package consists of six hours of training that’s done in one week. In addition to a kickoff session and a Q&A session, the other sessions cover basic and advanced project planning, setup and tracking features, and team collaboration.
  • The Enhanced package is intended for clients that want training for their employees on advanced Celoxis modules, such as resource management, time and expense, and project financials. The package consists of 19 hours of training over the course of three weeks, which includes 10 one-hour sessions on specific Celoxis modules, three two-hour hands-on virtual sessions about specific features and three one-hour Q&A sessions.
  • The Comprehensive package is intended for new enterprise clients, and it covers both basic and advanced training on Celoxis. The package consists of 30 hours of training over five weeks, which includes 13 two-hour hands-on virtual sessions on all modules and four one-hour Q&A sessions.

Phone and email support are available. There’s also an online repository where users can access product documentation, FAQs, Getting Started Guides, short videos and a configuration handbook. In addition, users can participate in community forums and recommend new ideas or features for Celoxis.


For cloud deployment, Celoxis offers monthly, annual or biannual (every six months) payments. If paying monthly, the price is $25 per user, per month. If paying yearly, the price is $22.50 per user, per month. For biannual payments, the price is $21.25 per user, per month. The price includes 99.99% uptime, free access for clients, tracking virtual users, one hour free training and a storage space of up to 2 GB per user.

For on-premise deployment, the price is only available as a custom quote. It includes one hour of free training, free access for clients, tracking virtual users, one year of free support and product upgrades.

Regardless of deployment, Celoxis requires a minimum of five users to purchase the software.

Celoxis’ pricing for its training packages are as follows: Essentials ($1,650), Enhanced ($2,775) and Comprehensive ($4,250).


Celoxis may have a bit of a learning curve for users that haven’t used a project management solution before. However, the vendor has robust training courses.

Although it’s used by small teams within a large company, Celoxis may be too robust for a small office that doesn’t need advanced features such as project accounting or portfolio management.


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Celoxis, founded in May 2001, is the world’s leading online platform for project portfolio management and work collaboration. It’s the first Indian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company and one of the first movers in several innovations related to project management and business efficiency.

Currently, Celoxis has over 10,000 customers globally, ranging from mid-sized enterprises to Fortune 100 companies.

Celoxis has been the project management platform of choice for brands like Bombardier, Deloitte, Rolex, LG, Singapore Post and Del Monte. SMBs and enterprises have been using Celoxis to successfully manage their teams on anything from small projects to large, multimillion dollar projects.

The tool is extremely flexible. It’s been used to manage projects in Hollywood movies and World Series hockey, the study of ocean currents, large mining sites – and even when building the world’s fastest Camaro.

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