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myQuest At A Glance

Good: Intuitive lesson design, effective user engagement (AFT method), avid customer support.
Bad: Inability to divide a course into separate groups of participants.
Bottom Line: With custom design, intuitive setup, quick deployment and dedicated support, myQuest offers comprehensive functionality for online instruction.

Product Overview

MyQuest incorporates Natural-Language-Processing-based learning, habit-formation techniques, gamification, community support and accountability into its interactive training platform.

Its AFT experiential learning method involves participants taking Action, getting Feedback and Triggering subsequent action. Learners are encouraged to complete bite-sized “missions” (actions) that in total comprise an entire lesson (Quest).

Feedback comes in the form of a 1:1 coaching feature that lets instructors give personal replies to learners. The community hub of other learners can also supply advice, pointers and encouragement. Triggers take the form of instructor/community messages or automated push notifications and reminders when an action hasn’t been completed in due course.

MyQuest offers solutions for three distinct markets: Coaches, Business Trainers, and Enterprise.

The Coaches platform offers simplified Quest building, customized themes, a mobile app, in-line purchasing and more. The Business Trainers platform delivers a white label application for custom branding along with an AI-driven, mobile engagement with users. The Enterprise platform (MyQuest Connect) lets learners collaborate and learn in the flow of work.

MyQuest’s solutions let users create conversion-inducing landing pages, manage affiliate incentives, generate analytics and more to optimize a website. Lesson materials are stored within each Quest, which also accommodates uploads of videos, images, texts and files. A content library is planned for future versions.


Here are some key features:

Micro-Learning – Lesson content can be broken down into small, action-based, easy-to-learn segments that promote skill mastery and habit formation.

Smart Automated Communication – Set up automatic push notification and reminders so that missions are completed, habits are reinforced and learning is accomplished.

Gamification – Content transformed into missions an provides opportunity to incentivize learners to complete actions, unlock Levels, earn points and win prizes.

Community Building – Like any social media feed, each learner in a Quest is connected to other learners. Feedback, encouragement and advice is shared, reinforcing a sense of community and mitigating the isolation associated with conventional online LMS.

Quest Builder – Quests can be created through an intuitive and simple series of click-and-fill fields that identify elements, attach materials and organize mission sequence.

Analytics – This reporting tool tracks learner engagement and records learner feedback so instructors can get a fuller perspective on a Quest’s effectiveness and make adjustments as necessary.

Target Market

MyQuest accommodates the online training needs of individual coaches, corporate instructors and enterprise learning teams.

Some of myQuest’s customer’s include:

  • Adept Leadership
  • APA Solutions
  • Capstone Leadership Solutions
  • HP
  • Radiant Coaches Academy
  • Sandler Training
  • TACK & TMI
  • Tardus Wealth Strategies
  • TCO International
  • The Journey

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Because of its web-based origination, myQuest can be quickly deployed.

To go live, users upload content into myQuest’s course builder and input certain parameters. Then, the myQuest support team can configure the platform. In addition, a dedicated project manager assigned to each customer walks users through the process and guides them step-by-step. This process can take up to two days.

Its mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Customer Service & Support

Customers can access customer support via telephone and email channels daily during business hours. Online tutorials and guides, as part of a comprehensive, online knowledge base, provide do-it-yourself support.

The dedicated project manager is available to help with content creation, strategic planning, support and additional training.


MyQuest provides annual pricing that’s based on the number of users. It ranges from $9,000 per year for up to 75 users to $50,000 per year for up to 2,500 users. Companies with over 2,500 users can contact the vendor for a quote.


As flexible as myQuest is, it lacks a “Teams” feature that would allow a customer to divide a course into different groups of participants. MyQuest is addressing this shortcoming and plans to release a “Teams” feature in a future upgrade.


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Edan Kertis founded myQuest in 2012. myQuest focuses relentlessly on building a powerful training platform that drives real behavioral change in participants. It has years of experience working with clients of all sizes to create effective training programs.

In 2019, myQuest was selected as a Training Delivery and Gamification Watch List Company by Training Industry, one of the most trusted sources of information on the business of learning.

MyQuest’s overarching goal is to continue improving and empowering the way people learn online.

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