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Coassemble At A Glance

Good: Drag-and-drop authoring tool for administrators, mobile-optimized training, straightforward pricing that includes live chat support in all plans.
Bad: Coassemble currently doesn't offer a built-in e-commerce feature or an extensive content library.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based and mobile-optimized learning management system with an intuitive interface that allows companies to efficiently train their employees.

Product Overview

Coassemble is a learning management system with an intuitive, easy-to-use design. Organizations can use Coassemble as an extensive and organized content library because of its unlimited storage and simple search and filter features. They can brand each Coassemble campus with their logo, customize its fonts and colors, and even alter the wording of campus feedback.

The platform is mobile optimized, which means the user’s training session automatically resizes to fit any screen. As it’s cloud-based, Coassemble allows learners to access training materials from anywhere, anytime, on any internet-ready device. Plus, there’s no need for installations or updates. Administrators can simply register their accounts online and get started.

Administrators can also delegate permission levels to trainers so they can structure their training. And when administrators edit their training materials within the platform, the materials will get updated in real time.


The solution’s LMS authoring tool lets administrators create courses, lessons and quizzes. There’s a suite of over 30 templates that users can choose to create lessons via a drag-and-drop interface. They can add additional content to a particular lesson, then publish it within minutes.

There’s a quiz templates feature with choices that range from multiple choice to true/false statements. Users can combine quizzes and lessons to form a course. They can share the course via URL, SCORM or by embedding it on their website.

The learning management system has a user management feature, where administrators can enroll learners in a course efficiently. Administrators can simply add in the learners’ names and email addresses.

There’s a robust assessments feature that lets administrators/trainers create learning outcome mappings, and create and grade assessments. They can also track the performance of both the content and the user with a real-time analytics tool that includes at-a-glance dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Target Market

Coassemble sells to teams of less than 50 within online and tech-based organizations in the USA. These organizations are most commonly in a growth phase and need ways to efficiently scale their operations. Its buyers are predominantly team managers or team members tasked by a manager, training on procedures, processes and/or products. Some of those teams that Coassemble target are sales, customer service/customer success, marketing, IT and product management.

We’ve listed 10 of its customers below.

  • Typeform
  • Hopper
  • The Black Tux
  • Publicis Sapient
  • University of Missouri - Kansas City
  • Galpin Motors
  • A&E Networks
  • Experience Lab at UC Berkeley
  • Airslate
  • Garmin

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The implementation process for Coassemble is very simple because it’s a cloud-based solution. In general, the vendor helps customers get their training up and running within seven days.

When onboarding, customers go through the following steps:

  1. A discovery meeting, where Coassemble finds out the customer’s needs and desired outcomes from eLearning.
  2. A training session, where the customer and their team are trained on the administrative aspects of Coassemble.
  3. A Q&A meeting, where Coassemble’s Customer Success Team will answer any questions to ensure customers and their teams are supported.
  4. Assistance with additional implementation aspects such as migration of existing materials.

Coassemble integrates with many third-party applications, such as Google, Microsoft Office, MailChimp and Salesforce.

Customer Service & Support

Coassemble has an extensive knowledge base available in the app. Its Customer Success team is also available via live chat.


Coassemble offers three plans (note that plans are billed annually):

Pro 10 – The Pro 10 plan costs $50 per month and accommodates up to 10 users. It includes many of Coassemble’s features, such as quizzes/assignments, lesson screen templates, advanced branding, SCORM compliance, video hosting, standard certificates, advanced reporting, advanced share options, learner groups, resource folders, advanced user permissions and Zapier integrations. Users will also have access to live chat support and one-on-one training sessions.

Pro – The Pro plan has six pricing tiers based on the number of users. The tiers are:

  • Up to 20 users for $120 per month
  • Up to 50 users for $200 per month
  • Up to 100 users for $250 per month
  • Up to 150 users for $300 per month
  • Up to 200 users for $350 per month
  • Up to 250 users for $375 per month

This plan covers all of the features of the Pro 10 plan, plus it accommodates unlimited courses.

Premium – The Premium plan adds on custom domain, premium certificates and advanced integrations. Its six tiers are:

  • Up to 20 users for $160 per month
  • Up to 50 users for $300 per month
  • Up to 100 users for $450 per month
  • Up to 150 users for $525 per month
  • Up to 200 users for $600 per month
  • Up to 250 users for $625 per month

Companies with over 250 users that’s interested in either Pro or Premium will need to contact Coassemble for a quote.


Coassemble doesn’t have built-in e-commerce functionality, so companies won’t be able to sell courses directly from the software. However, it does integrate with other e-commerce software.

Also, Coassemble currently doesn’t offer an extensive content library, but it does have a design partner customers can work with if they require this service.


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Launched in 2016, Coassemble (formerly eCoach LMS) is an LMS and authoring tool combined in one platform with a focus on user experience. Its goal is to simplify the sharing of knowledge to help organizations succeed.

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