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Abara LMS At A Glance

Good: Targeted training solutions for specific jobs, unlimited content and administrators regardless of price, robust mobile interface.
Bad: Built-in authoring tools are not offered and will need to be purchased separately.
Bottom Line: Mobile-first LMS solution that helps companies successfully train their employees, partners and customers.

Product Overview

Abara LMS is a corporate learning management system designed to help companies efficiently train their employees and external learners (e.g., vendors, customers). It offers targeted training solutions specifically for employee onboarding, employee development, sales teams, customers and compliance.

Abara LMS has a strong emphasis on being a mobile-first solution, which is especially beneficial for companies with a remote workforce or global locations. It’s built as a native application on Android and iOS devices so employees can access their training materials from anywhere.

Other benefits of Abara LMS are:

  • Improved employee productivity and professional development
  • Lower training costs
  • Centralized location of training materials for quick access
  • The ability to enhance training programs based on learner feedback and tracking features
  • Unlimited data storage, courses and administrators


Each client gets a single customizable learning portal. However, for clients that have different company brands (e.g., publishing), Abara offers multiple portals as an option. The vendor can set up a custom URL for the portal and embed a Google Analytics tracking code. Abara LMS supports an unlimited number of administrators, courses and content storage as well as online, classroom and blended learning.

Abara LMS also includes these key features:

Course management and distribution – Administrators can easily create SCORM-compliant courses that add content from PDF, images, PowerPoint slides and YouTube videos. They can also put together a centralized knowledge repository that learners can access regardless of whether they’re taking a specific course. Administrators can set up automation workflows by using Auto-Assignment rules for courses based on roles, departments etc.

Abara LMS includes a range of assessment questions, from multiple choice to short answer questions. Administrators can also create surveys using single choice, multiple choice or open-ended questions.

In addition, administrators can create customizable learning paths and assign courses to specific employees. Employees can also enroll in a course through the platform or by email.

Learner engagement – Each learner is assigned a dashboard for at-a-glance access to their courses. Here, they can track their course progress as well as any badges and points earned. Learners can also receive announcements, course calendars and automatic course reminders. There is a leaderboard feature that rates the top points-earning learners.

Reporting and analytics – Abara LMS includes reporting and analytics tools on various metrics, such as courses, learner performance, assessments and surveys. Reports can be customized and scheduled.

Mobile app – Accessible only for learners, the Abara LMS mobile app includes offline learning as well as push notifications for messages and announcements. Learners can fully access all features in the mobile app as they would in a web browser.

Social learning – Abara LMS’s social learning features enable learners to collaborate with trainers and peers. They can participate in discussion forums, as well as the one-on-one Ask the Experts.

Target Market

Abara LMS targets SMBs, large enterprises and nonprofits in many different industries, such as professional training and coaching, healthcare, hospitality, retail, IT, finance and freight logistics. It’s also intended for franchises.

We’ve listed 10 of its customers below.

  • Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK)
  • Kout Food Group
  • Chellaram Hospital - Diabetes Care & Multispeciality
  • Ooredoo QSC
  • M8 Telecom
  • Motor U
  • Global Arena
  • Cogoport
  • PNG Jewellers
  • Cartesian Consulting

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Abara LMS has a seven-step implementation process that takes approximately eight business days, depending on the company’s requirements.

  1. Branded landing portal creation (one day)
  2. Portal mapping using a customized link or sub-domain (one day)
  3. SSL installation using SSL certificate provided by the company (one day)
  4. Delivery of portal to company (one day)
  5. User profiles creation from scratch or migration from another system (two days)
  6. Necessary historical data migration based on the number of records (one day)
  7. Comprehensive training for company’s admins, trainers, managers and learners (eight hours)

Customer Service & Support

Once the portal goes live, Abara LMS provides initial support for 30 days. After that, it provides ongoing support Monday through Friday up to 5PM EST.

Users can browse a knowledge base, submit a helpdesk ticket request or contact Abara LMS by email or chat. Abara LMS also offers ongoing live web training.


Abara LMS offers an active user pricing model (anyone who logs into the system within a 30-day period in a given month) that accommodates unlimited registered users (anyone who has been registered in the system in a given year). Companies can free up a user license by deleting inactive learners.

Each tier includes all features of Abara LMS, managed hosting, Amazon AWS hosting, 24/7 monitoring and email support.

The tiers are:

  • 50 active users for $420 per month or $4,200 per year
  • 100 active users for $600 per month or $6,000 per year
  • 250 active users for $900 per month or $9,000 per year
  • 500 active users for $1,400 per month or $14,000 per year
  • 1,000 active users for $1,800 per month or $18,000 per year
  • Over 1,000 active users that’s based on custom pricing

The first four tiers include instructor-led training, virtual classroom training and custom domains. The highest-priced tier adds on a multi-tenant system, advanced hosting requirements and customized workflows.

Companies interested in testing out the software can sign up for a free 30-day trial.


While Abara LMS has social learning features, group chat is not currently offered. However, it will be available in a future upgrade. A built-in authoring tool also isn’t currently available, so companies will need to purchase it separately.


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In 2014, eNyota Learning Inc. launched Abara LMS as a cloud-based, mobile-friendly alternative to older LMS systems. Its mission is to simplify the LMS space by providing a modern and simplified user experience to learning and development (L&D) teams and training companies that use its platform.

Abara LMS has received several awards, such as eLearning Industry’s Top 20 Learning Management Systems for Extended Enterprise Training, FinancesOnline’s Rising Star Award for 2018 and the Craig Weiss Group’s Top 5 Most Affordable Learning Management System.

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