Docebo Pricing – What’s Included

Disclaimer: We source public information for Docebo’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

The Docebo Learning Suite is a cloud-based learning management system that empowers large enterprises to create, deliver and measure their training programs. It has several modules, including Learn (LMS), Shape (content creation), Content (course library), Learning Impact (the ability to measure effectiveness of learning programs) and Learning Analytics (actionable insights with custom dashboards). Companies can purchase the modules individually or all together for an end-to-end solution.

In this post, we will discuss what’s included in Docebo’s pricing plan.

How much does the Docebo Learning Suite cost?

Docebo uses a subscription-based pricing model that’s based on the number of active users per month. The vendor offers a 14-day free trial for users that want to test the software.

After that, Docebo offers two flexible pricing plans: Growth and Enterprise. The Growth plan accommodates up to 500 active users and includes many features of the Learning Suite, such as a mobile app, the ability to support up to 40 languages and third-party integration.

The Enterprise plan includes all of the features of the Growth plan, but it’s intended for organizations with more than 500 active users.

Both plans require an annual commitment, and companies can opt for monthly or annual billing. The pricing varies based on the plan the client selects, so please reach out to Docebo directly for a custom quote. Note that for each additional user on either plan, Docebo charges a fee of $5.95 per user, per month.

What’s Included with Docebo Learning Suite

The Docebo Learning Suite includes numerous features, such as unlimited cloud storage, blended learning, a mobile app, gamification, the ability to support over 40 languages, native integration with up to 35 third-party applications, Single Sign-On and flexible content creation. Here are some additional features that are included in the software.

Active Users

Docebo targets companies with at least 300 monthly active users. Unlike LMS software vendors that use a monthly active user model and base usage on the number of logins, Docebo counts a monthly active user as a learner who accesses learning content within a 30-day cycle.


Docebo offers scalability, which means that companies can add on or reduce the number of users as needed.

Admin Relief

The software has automated processes, so administrators won’t have to worry about manual tasks, like adding new users. Its AI features provide personalized learning paths, automatically tag content, offer deep search functionality and act as a Virtual Coach for learners. In addition, the AI tool gives enrollment suggestions to administrators and content suggestions to managers or trainers.

Extended Enterprise

With Docebo, companies can provide training for their external audiences (e.g., clients, vendors). Administrators can set up multiple portals or domains tailored to specific groups, and they can enable privacy settings to prevent unauthorized access. Additional features include content organization, management control, custom reports, Single Sign-On and personalized learning paths. Companies can sell their courses online via Docebo’s E-Commerce app, which integrates with payment gateway portals (e.g., Shopify, Stripe, PayPal).

Branded Look and Feel

Users can customize their Docebo Learn portal to reflect their organization’s brand. They can select their company’s color scheme, upload a logo, create a personalized message, customize the user menu and enable multiple language functionality. If the admin has CSS knowledge, they can customize the portal even further by adjusting the font, style and spacing.

Reporting and Visibility

Docebo provides standard report templates on various metrics, such as course progress, user progress and enrollment time. Users can also build, export and schedule their own custom reports, as well as allow or restrict access to reports. Docebo has configurable dashboards, so users can view KPIs, and learners can track their progress within dashboards, too.

Other Pricing Costs


Docebo offers two implementation plans: Gold and Platinum. The Gold plan is intended for companies that want to get Docebo up and running quickly. It includes:

  • A dedicated Solution Deployment Manager for 90 days
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Administrative training via the Docebo Academy of on-demand recordings
  • Guidance on technical setup of Docebo
  • Guidance on integrating Docebo with a client’s existing system
  • Help with executing the rollout of Docebo to a client’s first learners
  • Access to support via a ticketing system

The Platinum plan includes all of the components of the Gold plan, plus:

  • Total implementation support for 120 days
  • An executive kickoff call
  • Monthly executive updates
  • Two hours of additional administrative training sessions
  • Administrative support for the first three extended enterprise configurations
  • Guidance on API usage and extended analysis of API use cases

Is Docebo affordable for small businesses?

Docebo’s ideal target market is medium and large companies that need to scale their learning programs quickly. It notes that the solution is best for companies that train more than 300 learners on a monthly basis, experience rapid growth in their business or require a more robust LMS. Small businesses that don’t need a strong learning solution can look at other LMS software.


The Docebo Learning Suite is a robust LMS solution aimed at medium and large businesses. Companies can start with the number of active learners they need, then scale up or down as their requirements change.

Docebo doesn’t provide pricing up front, so you’ll need to contact the vendor directly for a custom quote.

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