Accord LMS Pricing: Features, Costs and Top LMS Alternatives

Accord LMS is a scalable solution designed to help companies of all sizes offer learning opportunities to their employees.

We’ve reviewed Accord LMS in the past and compared it with other learning management systems in terms of features, costs and other attributes. This post will focus on Accord LMS’ pricing plans and the prices of its alternatives.

How Much is Accord LMS?

Accord’s pricing model is based on active learners, meaning the learner has accessed training content or completed a course within a billing period. There are four subscription plans based on the number of active learners (note that the price is listed as monthly, but is billed annually).

  1. Up to 200 learners: $2 per user, per month
  2. Up to 500 learners: $1.25 per user, per month
  3. Up to 1,000 learners: $0.90 per user, per month
  4. Over 1,000 learners (or other requirements): Contact Accord LMS

All plans include Core LMS features, such as:

  • Unlimited registered users
  • Mobile learning
  • Gamification and social learning
  • Blended learning
  • Role-based learner enrollment
  • Reporting dashboards with automated or scheduled report delivery

Some of the Enterprise LMS features include:

  • Unlimited custom branded portals
  • Web-content management system
  • Multiple tenant support
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Single sign-on

All of Accord LMS’ pricing plans also support integration with many systems, including Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Sharepoint and GoToMeeting.

Top Alternatives to Accord LMS

When comparing pricing with other vendors, Accord LMS provides reasonable monthly licensing fees for companies. However, companies must also pay the $2,000 implementation fee. Below, we’ve detailed two alternatives with similar (or cheaper) subscription fees, but lower implementation costs.

SmarterU: SmarterU has two pricing tiers based on active users: Corporate and Enterprise. The Corporate plan covers up to 300 active users for $6,999 a year; it includes all SmarterU features except for learning plan automation.. The Enterprise plan costs $9,999 per year for up to 500 learners, $12,999 per year for up to 1,000 learners and $29,999 per year for up to 5,000 learners. It includes all SmarterU features, including learning plan automation.

MATRIX: MATRIX has 10 pricing tiers designed to accommodate all company sizes. Its lowest-priced tier, the Bronze, covers up to 50 active learners for $129 a month (billed annually), while its highest-priced plan, the Diamond, includes up to 20,000 learners for $11,999 a month. Each plan has all of Matrix’s features, such as unlimited storage, mobile learning, gamification, reporting and course authoring tools.


With its four pricing plans, Accord LMS is a robust solution that helps companies provide employee training. However, it’s not the only LMS solution on the market. Head over to our Reviews page for detailed reviews of over 60 LMS solutions.

You can also download our LMS Comparison Guide where we’ve broken down all the top LMS solutions based on core features and shortcomings in our comprehensive spreadsheet.

If you need more information on LMS solutions in general, our buyer’s guide can help. In it, we detail benefits, features and what to look for when purchasing a solution.

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