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PeopleGuru At A Glance

Good: Increased efficiency, custom features for unique business needs, a dedicated module that helps companies comply with COVID-19 requirements.
Bad: International payroll is only supported via PeopleGuru's Canadian payroll partner for U.S. and Canadian companies.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based HR solution that allows midmarket companies to grow and retain their talent.

Product Overview

PeopleGuru is an all-in-one single application for HR, Payroll and Talent Management designed for high growth mid-market organizations. With self-service from a desktop or a native mobile app, employees can record their time, send PTO requests, manage their schedule, view their paystubs and enroll in benefits.

The software includes everything a company needs for complete employee lifecycle management, all on a single application.

PeopleGuru has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Custom features aimed at each company’s unique requirements
  • Increased efficiency with automated processes
  • Accessibility for both in-person and remote teams
  • Dedicated module for improving workforce health safety and complying with COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements
  • Implementation and customer support provided by in-house PeopleGuru staff


Here are some key features from each PeopleGuru module:

Core HR – Employees can see their paychecks and benefits information, submit their leave requests and update their personal information, while managers can approve leave requests, access employees’ work history, share updates and recognize their best performers. The software supports custom workflows, such as salary changes or new employee onboarding, with multilevel approvals and notifications. The analytics features include over 400 standard reporting templates and configurable dashboards. Additional features are document management, compliance management and a dedicated mobile app.

Payroll – With the Payroll Wizard, users get a step-by-step guide for processing pay runs, including built-in calculations. Payroll staff can also check for errors prior to posting. Additional features include 60 standard reports, configurable time entry screens, manual checks, alerts and notifications, full-service tax filing, labor distribution, weighted overtime calculations and shift pay.

Benefits – With the Benefits module, employers can offer a variety of benefits plans to employees based on eligibility. Employees can research different plans and compare options, complete open enrollment forms and print out ID cards. PeopleGuru integrates with many carriers, so data can flow between the two systems without manual entry needed.

Time and Labor – The PeopleGuru Time module allows managers to approve timecards and leave requests, identify employees who are eligible for overtime, see attendance trends, set up geo-clocks and manage any rounding rules or shift differentials. It also includes a variety of time-tracking methods, such as a web clock, a mobile app, a kiosk, facial recognition, a touchless punch, a badge reader and a fingerprint reader.

Scheduling – Managers can create shift schedules based on employee availability or specific skillsets, and the software has controls to avoid understaffing or overstaffing. Employees can submit their availability for specific shifts and find replacements. Additional features include labor cost forecasts and the ability to see schedules across multiple roles, teams or locations.

Expense Management – Employees can capture receipts, fill out expense reports and submit them for reimbursement. The approval workflow is automated, so employees can receive reimbursement quickly. Managers can set reimbursement limits, receive alerts if an expense goes over a specific amount and approve requests with a single click.

Recruiting – With the PeopleGuru Recruiting module, recruiters can track each stage of the hiring process with features such as dashboards and customizable workflows. They can also create job openings and post them to many job boards, prescreen candidates, schedule interviews, and embed questionnaires and videos within the application.

Onboarding – New hires can complete and sign onboarding paperwork, such as I-9 and W-4 forms, before their first day, while HR staff can manage the onboarding process with custom workflows.

Learning Management – Employees can participate in learning initiatives from any device. Managers can create and assign learning content by uploading their existing content (the software supports PowerPoint, PDFs, Word Documents and Zip file formats) or choosing from a library of over 130 standard courses. They can also set up and track virtual or in-person training events, as well as receive learning content feedback from employees.

Performance Management – Managers can see each employee’s performance review summary at a glance, and they can drill down into a specific employee review to leave comments or ratings. They can also create a performance evaluation using drop-down menus. Additional features include goal alignment, real-time feedback, succession planning and employee engagement tracking.

Compensation Management – This module allows managers to conduct salary reviews and propose raises or bonuses for their employees. They can access performance ratings and compensation ratios, and they can also compare salaries by job title or location. Managers can use the Salary Budgeting Guru feature to establish budgets, track salary workflow, send notifications and store employee salary history.

Health Check – With PeopleGuru Health Check, employers can stay on top of COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements. With the Immunization Tracker, they can manage vaccination and exemption statuses, as well as track test results. In addition, employees can upload a photo of their vaccine cards or other documentation. And employers can send custom questionnaires for employees to complete each shift. The module also has PTO codes specifically intended for vaccines, tests or being out sick due to vaccine side effects. Finally, companies can optionally purchase the PeopleGuru Kiosk with touchless punch options, facial recognition and temperature screenings.

Target Market

PeopleGuru supports midmarket organizations with U.S.-based operations, especially organizations that have dynamic, agile workforces across multiple industries. It’s uniquely positioned to support the requirements of nonprofits, health care, and the emerging cannabis market.

Some of the industries that PeopleGuru targets are:

  • Nonprofits
  • Healthcare
  • Agricultural/Dispensaries
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Business Services

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PeopleGuru’s average implementation timeline is 12 to 16 weeks. Each client is assigned a dedicated Implementation Project Manager who serves as a point of contact during the discovery, planning, building, converting and testing phases right through the first go-live.

Once the software is live, the Implementation Project Manager will hand off support to the Account Manager.

Customer Service & Support

Clients get a dedicated Account Manager, a Strategic Account Manager and a Help Desk support team.

While the Account Manager is the point of contact for any questions, clients can also reach out to the Help Desk team for tech support. The Strategic Account Manager’s role is to review the client’s software usage and other initiatives to help them maximize their return on investment.


PeopleGuru offers a per-employee, per-month model that includes both the software and its services. Its average price points range from $10 to $22 per employee, per month, depending on the modules and features the client selects. Contact PeopleGuru for a custom quote.


PeopleGuru currently doesn’t support international payroll, however companies in the U.S. and Canada can integrate it with its Canadian payroll partner.


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PeopleGuru was founded by HR pros who recognized the demand in the midmarket for a highly capable and configurable HCM application designed as a true single application solution. Its mission is to help clients leverage HCM technology to take care of their people.

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