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HR Cloud At A Glance

Good: Strong focus on employee engagement and recognition, offboarding functionality, automated workflows.
Bad: Some HR features, such as payroll, are not offered by HR Cloud, but HR Cloud provides integrations to those applications.
Bottom Line: HR Cloud streamlines many HR tasks and helps companies increase their employee engagement.

Product Overview

HR Cloud is a human resource software that not only streamlines onboarding and other HR tasks, but also helps companies provide a fun office culture. As it’s stored in the cloud, anyone in the company can access it from any device. Companies can either purchase only the modules they need or the entire software suite.

Some of the benefits of HR Cloud include:

  • Workflows, such as employee onboarding, are more automated
  • All information about an employee is stored in one place
  • Increased employee engagement by providing recognition tools that boost morale
  • Integration to other applications, such as payroll, performance management and background checks

HR Cloud has several modules that we’ll describe in our Features section below:

  • People
  • Recruit
  • Onboard
  • Workmates
  • Perform
  • Time-off tracking
  • Time Clock


People – The People module includes all the employee records in one place. The Org Chart resembles a family tree and shows the relationship between manager and employee in each team. It has each employee’s headshot, job title, email address, phone number and other information for easier contact. Any updates to an employee’s profile, such as title change, are automatically updated to the Org Chart in real time.

Recruit – The Recruit module provides full applicant tracking functionality. First, there’s the customizable hiring portal, where recruiters can add in the company colors, logos, URL and other features. The portal would also list open positions for candidates to apply for. Other features include email templates, personalized offer letters, automated communications with candidates and the ability to identify the number of candidates in each stage of the hiring process.

HR Cloud Recruit integrates with background checks and other applicant tracking systems if companies need additional recruiting features. Those systems are Indeed, Checkr, Engagedly and ZipRecruiter.

Onboard – With the Onboard module, new hires can fill out the required paperwork and receive company information before their first day. There’s a self-service portal that’s personalized for the specific new hire, which includes company handbooks, W-4 forms and other content they’ll need. The portal can be customized to include company branding. It also has a customizable checklist that reminds the new hire of forms to complete. HR can also monitor the progress of all new hire onboarding on a single screen.

The module also includes the I-9/E-Verify functionality, so HR can verify employee employment eligibility online. New hires can electronically sign the paperwork from anywhere, and paperwork is sent to E-Verify Program for immediate approval. This streamlined onboarding task helps companies stay in legal compliance.

Workmates – Workmates is an employee engagement module that provides collaboration and recognition features. It works like a social networking intranet, where employees can welcome new hires and provide birthday wishes or congratulations on a promotion or other accomplishment. There’s a Kudos feature for employee recognition that includes a leaderboard for highlighting top Kudos receivers and points that are redeemed for shopping and other perks.

Perform – Perform support continuous performance management, so managers can give employees feedback throughout the year. Users can build their own performance evaluations with custom questions (e.g.,  short answer, numerical ratings). Employees can set and track as many goals as they need, as well as write their own self-evaluations. Additional features include 360-degree feedback and automatic performance reports.

Time-off tracking – This module lets employees track their leave and request time off. They can send their requests with a single click and receive an email of manager approval. Additional features include custom time-off requests, a balances and accruals overview and absence tracking.

Time Clock – With this time-tracking module, employees can fill in their timesheet via the software, and managers can approve them with a single click. There’s also a project tracking feature for companies that need to record their billable hours. Additional features include custom policies, automatic reminders, and reporting.

Here are some additional features of HR Cloud:

Offboarding – HR Cloud provides offboarding functionality for employees leaving a company. There’s a company-branded exit portal, so employees receive information about final pay, fill out exit surveys and other paperwork, and receive goodbyes from coworkers. There’s also an audit trail feature that tracks any contract or documents that employees fill out before leaving the company.

HR Cloud mobile app – The dedicated mobile app allows employees to track sick/vacation leave, access the company directory and collaborate with coworkers from a smartphone. There’s a WhoIsOut mobile calendar that tracks when an employee is out on a specific day, anniversaries, birthdays and project deadlines.

Target Market

HR Cloud targets companies of all sizes in many industry verticals, such as retail, health care, hospitality, finance and technology. We’ve listed several of its clients below:

  • Peloton
  • Lever
  • Span
  • Veolia
  • Toyota Material Handling
  • Osmose
  • SparkPower Corporation
  • Comfort Systems USA
  • RORC Therapy
  • Medlinks

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HR Cloud’s implementation process includes importing customer data; helping build and customize checklists, forms and workflows; and one-on-one training and communication using video and screen share.

As mentioned above, HR Cloud integrates to many applications, such as ADP, Okta, Greenhouse, Slack, LinkedIn, Yammer, Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access the Help Center to watch video tutorials of HR Cloud features. In addition, they can contact support by live chat or email, while HR can reach out to their dedicated account manager.


HR Cloud has three main packages:

Engagement – This packages includes full employee engagement features, as well as integration with third-party software and customer support.

Onboard – The Onboard package comes with onboarding/offboarding and general HRMS features (e.g., time clock, performance management, employee records). It also includes third-party software integration and customer support.

HR Suite – The HR Suite includes most HR Cloud modules, such as Recruit, Time-off, Perform, People and Onboard.

Please contact HR Cloud for pricing on these packages.


Payroll and learning management features are not built into the software. However, HR Cloud does integrate with those applications.


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HR Cloud provides a customizable suite of HR technology applications for businesses small and large.  Founded in 2012, some of HR Cloud’s most popular applications are Onboard for employee onboarding, Workmates for company intranet and recognition, People for HRIS/HRMS, and Recruit for applicant tracking.

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