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SYSPRO At A Glance

Good: Artificial intelligence, comprehensive reporting, variety of modules.
Bad: Occasional crashes, doesn’t have a built-in HR/payroll module.
Bottom Line: Customizable, industry-built ERP that allows companies to simplify, structure and streamline their operations.

Product Overview

SYSPRO’s versatile enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution offers clients made-for-industry frameworks designed to help manufacturers and distributors take advantage of best practices, particularly in highly regulated fields.

Analytics from the software give users business-critical insights to help them make informed, swift and sound business decisions in real time and execute them. In addition, SYSPRO assists users with resource allocation and work planning based on the pipeline of forecast and current orders.

The solution also offers an inventory management system that helps businesses free up working capital, optimize inventory stock levels and control expenses. Users have access to a range of features to ensure critical aspects of the supply chain are controlled, tracked and organized to sustain optimum inventory levels.

Additionally, SYSPRO’s reporting capabilities let users view ad-hoc and regular reports with a menu-driven, drag-and-drop design for easy navigation.


SYSPRO’s key features include:

Inventory management – SYSPRO’s inventory management feature is geared toward manufacturing and distribution entities, with Bill of Materials (BOM), bin tracking, bar coding, knitting, inventory tracking and multiple warehouse capabilities. Its scheduling capability is particularly strong, with detailed Gantt charts to display timelines. In addition, SYSPRO’s inventory management module integrates with the materials requirements planning (MRP) module to calculate what’s required for production and when it’s needed.

Artificial intelligence – By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, users can spot developing trends, analyze unstructured and structured data, and highlight anomalies to enhance their decision making. Additionally, SYSPRO’s artificial intelligence introduces users to humanlike chatbots that address (and even predict) customers’ queries. The web robots (i.e., digital citizens) take over repetitive or known tasks, so users are free to do what they do best. Overall, SYSPRO’s AI capability allows companies to digitize their business affordably and quickly, with minimal disruption.

Financial accounting – SYSPRO contains a core of capable financial modules, including purchase order entry, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, general ledger and more. The general ledger Chart of Accounts’ structure is quite flexible, with up to nine user-defined groups containing up to 35 alphanumeric characters. In addition, the system integrates with Crystal Reports for straightforward report generation.

Social ERP – Harmony, a user-friendly, integrated social platform, incorporates social media into the core of SYSPRO ERP. It offers a familiar user interface for communication and conducting daily business. By analyzing real-time trends, insights and details via Social ERP, users can make decisions that enhance lead times, productivity and overall responsiveness. In addition, work-to-lists give users single views of project data, including conversions from the Social ERP, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to reveal how personnel are performing.

Advanced analytics – SYSPRO Analytics allows users to measure the success of their business based on their specific KPIs. Also, the analytics tool boosts efficiency by disclosing KPIs to main stakeholders across the company, which enhances team collaboration efforts.

CRM – The CRM for SYSPRO solution simplifies operations by allowing manufacturers and distributors to analyze business performance from a variety of sources. Users can work where and when desired with this mobile CRM that integrates back and front office tasks.

Sales order module – SYSPRO’s sales order module accommodates timely, accurate order fulfillment and efficient, fast order processing to improve the customer experience. Users can maximize their team’s productivity with the module’s grid-entry design and personalize the screens to streamline their workflows.

SMART MES (Manufacturing Execution System): SMART MES is a robust, advanced planning and scheduling module that allows manufacturers to build and share flexible production plans seamlessly. In addition, organizations can use the module to create accurate schedules that account for constraints around tooling, machines, materials and people. Manufacturers can then ensure they’re making the best use of their capacity to serve customers cost-effectively.

Target Market

SYSPRO is intended for companies of all sizes in a number of selected industries, including distribution and manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, and many more.

Here’s a list of some of its prominent clients:

  • Jacto
  • World Precision Instruments
  • U.S. Salt
  • Tom Barrow Company
  • Lakeshirts
  • Dunlop Manufacturing
  • Genesis Today
  • Annabelle Candy
  • Suhor Industries
  • Samson Rope Technologies

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SYSPRO gives companies the flexibility to select the deployment that best suits their needs and budget, whether in the cloud, on-premise or both.

With 24/7 access to the complete SYSPRO ERP solution on all devices, users can choose the device that’s best for the task at hand, whether they’re on the shop floor, in the office or on the road. Also, the solution is scalable to meet users’ implementation needs and their companies’ capabilities.

SYSPRO uses the IDEAL implementation methodology, which has five phases:

  • Initiate – the implementation team finds out the client’s needs and requirements
  • Design – the implementation team designs the solution that meets client’s objectives
  • Engineer – the solution is built, configured and tested
  • Actualize – final data is loaded and validated, and the solution is live
  • Leverage – the implementation project is closed out

Customer Service & Support

SYSPRO creates and fosters an excellent experience for its customers through:

SYSPRO Customer Care Program

SYSPRO has a customer care program that allows users to register for SYSPRO Info Zone, SYSPRO’s customer portal that provides quick tips, product information, thought leadership, education resources and company news.

Professional Services and Education

SYSPRO offers customers a complete assortment of education services, professional services consulting and implementation services to help users get the most out of their investment. And for those who want to enhance their level of software proficiency, SYSPRO has a certification program.

Technical Support

SYSPRO offers help desk support via phone and email. Its support team will resolve any technical issues, minimizing disruptions for customers.


SYSPRO doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users report that SYSPRO’s ERP software sometimes crashes or freezes during network hiccups. Processes can get stuck on occasion, forcing a user to exit them manually to prevent server resource depletion.

Additionally, SYSPRO doesn’t have an HR or payroll module.


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SYSPRO is a leading independent vendor of an industry-built ERP solution that’s designed to simplify organizational complexity for distributors and manufacturers. Its fully integrated, end-to-end software allows for real-time data analysis, comprehensive reporting, streamlined processes, strong cost control and effective decision making.

The solution’s features make it an excellent fit for many industries, including fabricated metals, food and beverage, machinery and equipment, and more.

SYSPRO’s success stems from its longtime emphasis on the distribution and manufacturing sectors, its passion for simplifying business processes and its practical approach to innovation. The company has won several awards over the years, and it also ranks highly on the list of vendors that offer the “Most Usable ERP Suites Software.”

SYSPRO’s U.S. headquarters is in Costa Mesa, CA, and it serves over 15,000 licensed firms in more than 60 countries.

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