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Aquilon ERP At A Glance

Good: Companies can scale up features as their needs grow, immediate access to important data, ability to manage relationships with customers and suppliers.
Bad: Robust features can be overwhelming for new users.
Bottom Line: Customizable ERP solution that streamline processes for small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors.

Product Overview

Aquilon ERP is a full-featured enterprise resource planning (ERP) software purpose-built for small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors to help them optimize and manage their operations. Its modular design allows companies to choose the features they need today and scale up as their needs grow. And because it’s a single integrated platform, companies won’t necessarily need to work with multiple systems.

Additional benefits of Aquilon ERP include:

  • Streamlined processes
  • Full transparency into real-time data
  • Improved customer service
  • Optimization of assets
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Comprehensive security and audit trails

The software has 17 modules broken down into four core functions:

  • Financial Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Optional/Add-on Modules

Aquilon ERP is deployed on-premise or in the cloud and includes mobile functionality called Aquilon2Go for users to access features while away from the office.


We’ve detailed the key features of the 17 available modules below.

Financial Management

The Financial Management solution has four modules detailed below. Management can access a company summary via a management dashboard, where they can drill down into the specific data. There are two additional modules that companies can optionally purchase: Fixed Assets and Canadian Payroll.

General Ledger – The General Ledger supports multiple companies, divisions, and branches, and it includes many features, such as an inter-company journal system, included standard financial reports, custom financial report-writer, summary information with drill-down capability, and statistical analysis.

Accounts Receivable – Accounts Receivable supports multiple currencies and includes features, such as user-defined term tables, price analysis, the ability to set finance charges for overdue payment, and direct debit cash collection.

Accounts Payable – Key features of the Accounts Payable module are visibility into outgoing cash flow, payment approval process, inter-company invoicing, a 1099 system, and manual, automated checks, and EFT options.

Bank Book – The Bank Book module integrates with all the other financial modules and includes features, such as foreign currencies, bank reconciliation, recurring entries, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Distribution Management

This solution has five modules to help supply chain operations, streamline their processes, and optimize asset utilization.

Inventory Management – The Inventory Management module includes critical features, such as buyer and planner controls, multiple warehouse support, serial and lot number tracking, selling price analysis, cross-company inventory queries, and detailed history.

Sales Order Management – The Sales Order module has a built-in configurator for setting up customized products. Additional features are commissions calculations, quotes, a backorder system, recurring orders, direct shipments, and many other handy options.

Sales Analysis – The Sales Analysis module lets users analyze their sales data by product class, customer, sales rep, and more. Aquilon ERP provides pre-set reports and queries, but users can also build a unique sales model using its five-step wizard. All sales models are real-time.

Purchase Order – Included with the Purchase Order module is a Replenishment Planning System, which uses algorithms (replenishment rules) to help optimize inventory on hand. Other handy features are Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), sales order to purchase order copy, supplier performance tracking, and more.

Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) for Purchased Materials – The Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module features a planning worksheet for calculating the net requirements of items purchased using the Purchasing Worksheet.


This solution has three modules, which help manufacturers with accurate planning, improved customer service, and respond proactively to market demands.

Product Definition – The Product Definition module (Bill of Materials and Bill of Labor) includes many features for building product components, such as multiple routing, “what if costing,” factory calendar set up, work center capacities, structure validation, and more.

Work in Progress – The Work in Progress module is used for batch manufacturing jobs and includes features, such as custom products, trial kits, a production planning worksheet, and machine efficiency analysis.

Production Planning for Manufactured Items –  This modules helps manufacturers coordinate supply and demand for their in-house items by synchronizing data in real time and then generating a production planning worksheet.

Optional Modules

Contact Management – With the Contact Management module, users can manage their customer and supplier relationships, supporting an unlimited number of contacts. Users can track notes, sales history, purchase history and create follow-up schedules for each salesperson or buyer.

Landed Cost Tracking – The Landed Cost Tracking module gives users the ability to add in other costs associated with inbound deliveries (e.g., shipping fees, customs duty), to provide users with accurate costing and margin analysis.

Estimating for Manufactured Products – Users can work in the Estimating module to build quotes for custom-made or configurable products. Features include the ability to add labor and material markups, add images & detailed notes, and to create a sales order or a job from a quote.

Fixed Assets Management – With this module, companies can track their fixed assets, such as equipment, buildings and vehicles. Some of its features include automatic monthly depreciation calculations, fixed assets recording and query, location-based grouping, and tax compliance.

Canadian Payroll – The Aquilion Canadian Payroll module helps Canadian businesses manage their in-house payroll needs. It includes customizable features and reporting that adheres to unique tax requirements of Canadian provinces.

Target Market

Aquilon ERP specifically targets small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors, including small and mid-sized businesses, wholesale distributors, made-to-order manufacturers, made-to-stock manufacturers and configure-to-order manufacturers. We’ve listed several of its clients below.

  • Oakmont Industries
  • Doors Plus More
  • Twelve Oaks Distribution
  • Ultra Fasteners
  • Genesis Chemicals
  • 4Knines
  • Associated Trucking Supply
  • HP Industries
  • Los Tacos Foods
  • Magnum Nutraceuticals

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Implementation timeline and costs vary by customer depending on size and complexity. Aquilon Software includes its FAST implementation toolset with each license to assist clients in going live within as little as three weeks.

A summary implementation timeline and milestone checklist determines the schedule, implementation phases, and goals, used to create a detailed implementation plan. Aquilon Software highly recommends a phased implementation approach to ensure that the client’s staff are not overwhelmed, and the success of the project is guaranteed.

A detailed implementation plan lays out each of the necessary steps for each phase, module, and activity with timelines and responsible parties.

Prototyping is a critical element of the training and go-live process where Aquilon Software runs live real transactions through the system with the customer. There are many benefits of prototyping, such as staff are trained using the new software using actual transactions. The results of which allow the customer to fine-tune the software or processes to meet their needs.

The time taken to go live depends on the customers’ wishes. Aquilon have in urgent circumstances brought clients to go live in five weeks or less, but typically they go live anywhere between eight and 12 weeks. A caveat is that more complicated businesses take longer.

Aquilon ERP integrates with third-party systems, including Microsoft Outlook and Excel, and many e-commerce solutions.

Customer Service & Support

Aquilon Software offers three-tier support based on severity. The first tier is the online help system to reference all standard features/ business processes and other tips. The second tier is email support for non-urgent issues, and the third tier is phone support for urgent matters. Aquilon Software also continuously upgrades the software based on customer feedback.


Aquilon offers both on-premise and cloud-based licensing options, and all licensing is quoted by the number of users. The on-premise license is typically from $1,500 per user to $3,000 per user, depending on the modules selected. Please contact Aquilon for a custom quote.

For its cloud-based licensing options. Aqulion provides a variety of software bundles. Note that the license requires a minimum of three users. All licenses include standard features for $100 per user, per month, which are: custom reporting, the Management Dashboard, document management, security features, daily data backups, Foreign Exchange Control, sales tax management, 360-degree inquiries and Aquilion’s FAST implementation tools.

Companies can add these modules/bundles:

  • Financial Management for $50 per user, per month
  • Distribution Management for $60 per user, per month
  • Manufacturing Management for $40 per user, per month

Aquilon offers optional add-on features for $10 per user, per month each:

  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Canadian Payroll
  • Landed Cost Tracking
  • Contact Management
  • Estimating for Manufactured Products



Because Aquilon ERP has so many features and options, there may be a learning curve for new users. However, the vendor offers guides within its online help system and telephone support for additional help.


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Aquilon Software was co-founded by Phil Patton and Greg Condon, who had an extensive history in developing and supporting ERP systems. Its mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses reduce cost, improve customer service, optimize asset utilization, and increase productivity at an affordable price.

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