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Acumatica At A Glance

Good: Business intelligence, comprehensive reporting, several deployment options.
Bad: Premium support requires additional fees, users must go through multiple steps for simple processes.
Bottom Line: With its integrated business applications, robust reporting and workflow management capabilities, Acumatica helps companies streamline important business management functions.

Product Overview

Acumatica is a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers a complete suite of modern business applications tailored to various industries, including manufacturing, accounting, distribution, retail and commerce.

The solution comes with a reporting, dashboards and data analysis toolkit that allows users to gain greater insights into their firms’ processes. Self-service tools enable them to analyze trends and generate reports in real time.

Acumatica’s Distribution Management edition helps companies track inventory, improve customer service, manage quotes and orders, and more. Its Project Accounting module has built-in accounting tools that manage timesheets, budgets and project inventory. Both functions integrate with various modules, including customer relationship management (CRM) and manufacturing, for visibility across an organization. In addition to the General Business and Distribution Management editions, Acumatica offers a Construction Edition, Manufacturing Edition, and Retail Commerce Edition. All editions include financial management features with advanced functionality for deferred and recurring revenue, project accounting, contract or policy management, billing, asset depreciation and payroll.


Acumatica supports multiple business processes. Several software modules offer users accurate data collection, forecasting tools, data visualization and workflow management to drive better business decisions.

The solution’s key features include:

Business Intelligence (BI) – Acumatica allows users to gather information from the Acumatica dashboard and third-party data sources using BI tools, like Power BI. Additionally, reporting tools from independent software vendors (ISV) allow businesses to view data across the organization, or view by customer account, vendor, business entity and more. All data is presented in real time.

Distribution Management – Acumatica’s distribution management capability gives companies real-time visibility of inventory costs, inventory in transit, reorder quantities and available inventory. Delays can be eliminated through automation of sales order processing and delivery order generation. In addition, Acumatica lets users control costs across the entire distribution and supply chain. Users also get the option to integrate these activities with their company’s sales and financials.

Project Accounting – With this module, users can allocate overhead costs and shared expenses to projects based on accounting formulas. They can also streamline all billing scenarios, including fixed price, contract-specific pricing, cost-plus, milestone billing and more. Labor and materials can be billed according to the type of task or to a specific project contract. In addition, contractors, partners and personnel can enter timesheets with a browser on any device from anywhere.

Commerce – Acumatica’s commerce module allows users to effectively manage their companies’ distribution processes to improve customer experiences. Clients get the option to manage multiple lots, inventory sub-items, warehouses and expiration dates. Acumatica Commerce also includes a Product Configurator that helps users establish control over their products. A dimensional, multilevel, rules-configured system can be used on sales orders, product orders and quotes (with real-time cost and price rollup).

Target Market

Acumatica is intended for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. We’ve listed below some of its client names plus typical industries that it target:

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Dukathole Group
  • Eagle Fence Distributing
  • Clive Coffee
  • Quality Material Handling
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail-Commerce

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Acumatica offers three routes to software installation:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment – Clients’ installation and maintenance responsibilities are handled by a skilled, full-time cloud host like Amazon Web Services.

Private cloud deployment – Clients can deploy Acumatica on premise through a dedicated channel with a preferred cloud-hosting vendor.

Private perpetual deployment – Clients can deploy Acumatica on premise or through their preferred hosting vendor.

Regardless of the chosen means of deployment, an Acumatica Partner, an individual who has trained on the system and passed an exclusive exam about ERP implementation, will assist the client throughout implementation.

Customer Service & Support

Acumatica offers additional levels of support and technical service to complement the support a client receives from their Acumatica Partner.

Acumatica Direct Customer Support provides end users with flexible options for accessing technical resources, help, troubleshooting documentation and product specialists who can assist with more involved technical issues.

These technical resources include:

  • Acumatica Open University (24/7 single point access to educational resources for implementation guidance, training and certifications)
  • Chat support
  • Acumatica Community (a user collaboration tool that includes a knowledge base, product feedback and voting system, and Acumatica User Groups)
  • News and blogs
  • Webinar recordings
  • Online incident management

Basic direct Customer Support is offered free of charge and premium direct Customer Support is an additional service that’s offered on an annual basis. Customers can work with their Acumatica Partner to determine pricing for their company.


Acumatica determines a customer’s cost by looking at the features and resources chosen, not the number of individuals who use the system. Pricing is based on the following three factors:

  • What applications does a client want to start using right away?
  • What license is the client considering: private cloud, SaaS or private perpetual?
  • What is a client’s projected consumption level based on their data storage and business transactions?

Those interested can get in touch with Acumatica directly for a quote.

In addition, organizations can take Acumatica on a test drive on Amazon Web Services.


While Basic support services are included in the initial price, users who want premium support will have to pay additional fees.

Also, some users have mentioned that navigating through straightforward processes, such as purchase orders and sales orders, requires several steps, unlike competitors that offer single or double-click process activation (e.g., Sage). Acumatica has acknowledged the feedback and will work on streamlining this process in a future release.


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Founded in 2008 by Serguei Beloussov, Mike Chtchelkonogov and John Howell, Acumatica serves more than 8,000 clients around the world.

Its flagship product – Acumatica ERP – offers adaptable mobile and cloud technology with an all-inclusive licensing model that facilitates a real-time view of a customer’s business anywhere, anytime. Through its global network of partners, Acumatica offers a complete suite of integrated business management apps, including project accounting, financials, distribution, CRM, manufacturing, construction, distribution, manufacturing, and retail commerce.

The recipient of several software industry awards, Acumatica is headquartered in Kirkland, WA, with additional offices located in Asia, Europe and North America.

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