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SmartSearch At A Glance

Good: Flexible design, streamlines repetitive tasks, can capture documents from most sources (scanner, email, etc).
Bad: On-premised system not avaiable for Mac users, no ability to "chat" within software.
Bottom Line: With its modular design and scalablity, SmartSearch is a good buy for any businesses wanting to reduce or eliminate paper-based processes.

Product Overview

Square 9 SmartSearch is a Document Management System intended for companies that want to reduce or eliminate paper-based processes. It also helps improve business processes by streamlining repetitive tasks, such as manual data entry, and provides an ease of finding documents by automating routing and notifications.

SmartSearch is a modular-designed solution that allows companies to scale up or down based on their business needs. (We look at these modules in our Features section below.)

SmartSearch is available in two editions: Professional and Corporate. The Professional Edition is intended for small-to-mid sized businesses, while the Corporate Edition is more for enterprises. The Corporate Edition includes features such as test bench applications and licensing for disaster recovery.

SmartSearch runs on a Microsoft .NET architecture so its user interface resembles much like Microsoft Explorer or Microsoft Office.  It supports Microsoft SQL database 2005, 2008, and 2012 (Standard and Enterprise), Windows Vista, 7 Professional, and 8 Professional, and Server 2003, 2008, and 2012.

SmartSearch can be integrated with other systems, including Microsoft Dynamics (GP and NAV), DocuSign, Salesforce, and SAP, to name a few.


The top features of SmartSearch are indicated below. Companies have the option of adding these modules:

  • Capture Workflow – This function allows scanned documents and images from any source such as email, dedicated scanners, and multifunction printers (MFPs). It includes scanning features such as barcode recognition, OCR, image enhancement, and intelligent batch separation. Documents can be imported in bulk and indicated by file name.
  • KeyFree indexing – This feature automatically populates index fields when a user clicks on a work or phrase within the text. It can be used on files such as the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Outlook, etc), PDF, GIF, JPG, and other image files. One main benefit of keyfree indexing is that it reduces manual data entry and the chance of error.
  • Image XChange – The Image XChange function helps users find a document or other files within a specific business application (i.e. medical records, CRM, etc). For instance, if a medical billing clerk needs to access a patient’s insurance information, he/she can find it in SmartSearch by searching for the patient’s name or insurance company by a simple CTRL Right-click.
  • Work XChange – This module helps set up document workflows from assigning users to work with a specific document to tracking statuses and notifications. Some of the additional features include date routing, automated data export and multi-level approval processes.
  • File XChange – File XChange allows users to save their electronic files (i.e. Word, Excel, web pages) into SmartSearch and share with others. Files can be saved in a drive via Windows Explorer. Users can also check in and check out files to make revisions – a history of any revision is also saved.
  • Mail XChange – Users can import their emails from Outlook into SmartSearch via a drag-and-drop approach. The data in the “To,” “From,” and “Subject” fields are indexed automatically, saving the user time from  having to enter the information manually.
  • Data XChange – Users can import specific pieces of data into SmartSearch’s index fields by utilizing its ability to automatically look up that data within a database without manual intervention.
  • Square 9 GlobalForms – This module is intended for companies that work with paper-based forms and want to eliminate doing so. Users can create their own customized web forms in GlobalForms and submit them into SmartSearch for archiving. Some of the features of GlobalForms are drag-and-drop GUI, business rules and logic, built-in or customized design themes, and the ability to recycle data and populate a PDF.
  • PlanetPress Suite – This optional module helps users create variable content documents without the high expense of pre-printed stationery, labor, and mailing. Information can be merged from different sources into a document that can be sent via email while saved into SmartSearch.

  • Document Storage?
  • Simultaneous User Collaboration?
  • Workflow Management?
  • Version Control?
  • On-Premise Hosting Option?
  • Imaging?
  • Mobile?

Target Market

SmartSearch is used by a wide variety of industries including healthcare, legal, government, education, and finance. We’ve listed ten of its customers below:

  • Acute Care Experts
  • Caltronics Business Systems
  • Dimensional Health Care Associates
  • Donley Auto Group
  • Franklin Regional Retirement Systems
  • General Distributors
  • Industrial Acceptance Corporation
  • Medical Reimbursement Services
  • Stephen Plopper & Associates
  • Village for Families and Children

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SmartSearch is installed as an on-premise system. However, Square 9 offers a hybrid cloud document management called GlobalSync that allows SmartSearch users to store and access documents in the cloud via Amazon Web Services.

Implementation is done by Square 9’s Professional Services team. Their process starts with an implementation assessment where the client and Square 9 discuss the client’s goals, project scope and employees that will be using SmartSearch. The implementation process is as follows:

  • Project discovery
  • Prototype of the solution
  • Start of project execution
  • Training
  • Post implementation review

Square 9 provides other services, such as back file conversion, eCabinet conversion, integration services, and custom development.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact tech support via phone or email. They also can access the Support page on Square 9’s site where they can create a support ticket and access the support and developers forum.


SmartSearch’s on-premised system is not compatible for Mac users. However, they have the option to use the GlobalSync Hybrid Cloud Document Management if they have access to the Amazon S3 server platform.


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Square 9 Softworks got its start as a division of InfiNet Business Systems, an Enterprise Content Management provider. However, it became its own entity in 2006 when its SmartSearch product line became successful.  In addition to SmartSearch, Square 9 provides other solutions such as GlobalCapture, GlobalForms, and GlobalSearch, as well as job function-targeted solutions (i.e. HR and accounts payable). It also works with leading copier/MFP manufacturers, such as Toshiba, Sharp, and Oki Data Americas.

Headquartered in New Haven, CT, Square 9 Softworks has additional offices in Indianapolis, IN, and Irvine, CA.

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