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VisualVault At A Glance

Good: eForms application for greater workflow automation, captures documents from many sources, specialized solutions for many different industries.
Bad: No on-premise hosting option available.
Bottom Line: ECM solution that helps businesses improve productivity, promote global transparency and make better decisions.

Product Overview

GRM provides many document storage and management services, including storage centers, document shredding, records management and data protection. For the purpose of this review, we’ll focus on VisualVault (formerly known as The Online Record Center).

GRM is in the process of rebranding The Online Record Center as VisualVault. VisualVault is a cloud and SaaS-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to help companies transition their documents from paper to electronic. It provides many benefits, including:

  • Flexible Business Process Management (BPM), eForms and enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Clients only need to pay a subscription fee rather than purchasing any hardware or software upfront
  • Hosting and maintaining solution is handled by GRM rather than client’s IT staff
  • The solution has a shorter deployment process than on-premise systems
  • VisualVault offers improved workflow automation (e.g., a medical office can quickly retrieve specific information on a patient rather than digging through too much paperwork)
  • The solution helps companies adhere to legal or regulatory compliance
  • Users have the ability to capture documents from many sources, such as email, fax, and scanning
  • The solution integrates with many different systems, including Microsoft Office, ERP and CRM. VisualVault also integrates with GRM’s other solutions.
  • Decision makers will have greater visibility into their data processes with global transparency.


We’ve indicated some of the features of VisualVault above, but we also want to note these following features:

  • More automated workflow management with eForms design/implementation application – Users can create or edit electronic templates without any coding or IT involvement. Each template field automatically captures, extracts, routes and applies metadata – which leads to fewer mistakes and improved productivity.
  • Consolidated structured and unstructured data  – VisualVault captures data (e.g., records, documents, texts, emails) from many sources, such as fax, imaging, scanners and downloads.
  • Ability to archive legacy data – Using VisualVault, users can transfer information from older legacy data systems into structured formats that can easily be accessed. Users access the secure files via a direct Visual Connect link.
  • Global transparency – As the data is more accessible and workflows more transparent, executives can make better business decisions.

We also want to point out its security features, such as:

  • SSAE-16, SOC-2, US Safe Harbor, HIPAA and SEC-17a compliant
  • Secure 24/7 web access, monitoring and management
  • Disaster-recovery process via redundant data centers and cloud-based servers

  • Document Storage?
  • Simultaneous User Collaboration?
  • Workflow Management?
  • Version Control?
  • On-Premise Hosting Option?
  • Imaging?
  • Mobile?

Target Market

GRM provides specialized solutions to many different industries, including healthcare, HR, manufacturing, government, education, legal and more.

At this time, we don’t have a list of GRM’s customers, however, they are available to the prospective client upon request.

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As VisualVault is a cloud-based solution, the implementation time frame is shorter than on-premise versions. The deployment process can be as fast as a month and very little training is required.

Training and implementation services are included in the initial price.

Customer Service & Support

GRM offers support via phone, email and remote assistance (WebEx).


GRM doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


VisualVault isn’t offered as an on-premise solution.

Customers looking for on-premise systems can check out our reviews on Perceptive Content or Nuance’s PaperPort.


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GRM Document Management has a simple mission statement: to help companies manage their business processes with an “end-to-end secure records-management platform through an integration of digital and physical storage solutions.”

In addition to GRM Digital (its digital document management division), GRM provides solutions and services, including imaging, document shredding, offsite document storage, storage containers, data protection and disaster-recovery services. It also provides a GRM Blended Solution for companies that want to store documents electronically, but still want to retain the hard copy versions.

Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, GRM has many locations worldwide, including China, Peru, Brazil and Colombia.


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on 2017-10-22 22:50:16

This software is unreliable. 80 percent of the time it does not work and when it does work it is extremely slow. It frequently deletes data and crashes on certain devices. Do not purchase this software unless you want to waste your money and give your employees and your self a headache.

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