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Good: Short implementation and training process, easily search for files with specific keywords, reduced paper storage costs.
Bad: GLOBODOX doesn't currently offer advanced features in its mobile app, however, this will be addressed in a future upgrade.
Bottom Line: Robust document management solution that automates business processes, keeps files organized and improves productivity.

Product Overview

GLOBODOX is a document management solution intended for companies that are migrating to a paperless office. Users can scan in and index documents, search for them with specific keywords and securely share them with colleagues or clients. GLOBODOX is scalable and deployable either on-premise or in the cloud. Administrators can design workflows for automated document approvals and other business processes.

GLOBODOX has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Organized file storage in a single repository
  • More efficient processes
  • Eliminated storage and mailing costs
  • Strong security features (e.g., document-based encryption, role-based access)
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies (e.g., HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, GDPR)
  • Short implementation and training process
  • Ability to access files from any device


GLOBODOX has an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that’s similar to Microsoft Outlook. It includes a built-in viewer for accessing files in many formats (e.g., PDF, DOC, XLS) as well as the ability to upload bulk files with a single click. Users can import indexing data using CSV files, capture email messages as PDFs and print pages with GLOBODOX’s virtual printer. Files from other business applications can be imported in batches using the Powershell-based command utility. Users can also scan in several single pages or multipage documents directly from their scanner.

Here are GLOBODOX’s other key features.

File organization – Users can organize files in folders and sub-folders and add tags to each one. In addition, they can define document types (e.g., invoices, agreements) with specific indexing data and group documents with the Stacks feature. The indexing data can be saved as templates to be reused when new files are organized.

GLOBODOX has built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that automates the data indexing when paper documents are scanned. Users can also define zone maps within documents, so indexing information is parsed while paper files are scanning.

Search functionality – The search functionality allows users to quickly find specific files within the interface by applying multiple search conditions to narrow down their results. Search criteria for frequently accessed documents can also be saved for future use.

Collaboration – With this feature, users can share multiple documents as email attachments and export files and folders to any location on their computer. Customers and clients can also access their files via a website that’s set up within GLOBODOX.

GLOBODOX has version control functionality, so users have access to earlier versions of a document. The version notes feature tracks changes within each version. Documents can be saved for editing and review before being published. Users can check out the documents to make edits, then check the document back in again.

Signature and annotation – Users can scan in their signature and save it within GLOBODOX to apply in future documents. They can also take advantage of custom stamps for document authentication, the draw tool for marking out key sections within the document or the watermark design for security. In addition, GLOBODOX offers annotation features, such as the ability to add multiple bookmarks at different points in a document.

Workflow automation – Companies can use the Workflow Designer to create custom workflows for daily business processes. Once a workflow is created, any file that needs approval can be routed to the appropriate person by simply clicking on the workflow’s link. The approver gets a notification email, and they can respond by clicking “Approve” or “Reject.” If the specific person is not available for the task, it can be automatically assigned to another person. Users can monitor each workflow’s status and pause, resume or cancel workflows when needed.

Other features – GLOBODOX has a wide range of security features, including secure access at multiple levels, role-based document access and sharing, setting security on a per-document or per-folder basis, hierarchical security groups, file encryption and viewing/exporting of event logs. Administrators can back up files and databases saved in the software to prevent the loss of important documents.

The software also integrates with a company’s business applications through the REST application programming interface (API).

In addition, GLOBODOX has a dedicated mobile app, where users can search, view, download or delete files in a single click.

Target Market

GLOBODOX is used in many industries, such as accounting, health care, legal, real estate, government, banking, insurance and education. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the software, but the bulk of GLOBODOX’s clients are medium or large enterprises.

We’ve listed 10 clients who use GLOBODOX below.

  • The City of Prichard (Alabama)
  • Cypress Real Estate
  • Hunter College
  • Jamison Well Drilling Inc.
  • Jarvis Krieger & Sullivan
  • NASA
  • Northeast Kingdom Community Action
  • Plastic Revolutions
  • Sac Osage Hospital
  • TRAM Inc.

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Most companies can complete the basic installation of GLOBODOX within a few hours. However, it could take longer for companies that have complex security policies or other requirements. The customer’s in-house IT team installs the software and integrates it with their current business systems, but ITAZ provides a step-by-step installation guide, integration documentation and remote installation services if needed. They also offer self-help training manuals and videos, so end users can get up to speed on the software quickly.

GLOBODOX is also available via a reseller network, so companies that take that route can contact their reseller for outsourced implementation and training services.

As mentioned, GLOBODOX is integrated with a company’s existing system via REST-based API, .NET SDK and PowerShell-based command line utility.

Customer Service & Support

Customers can contact GLOBODOX support via phone or email Monday through Friday. There’s also a comprehensive knowledge base that includes introductory articles, whitepapers, how-to guides and troubleshooting information.


Pricing is not publicly available, so please contact ITAZ Technologies directly for a quote.


Customers have asked for more comprehensive features in the GLOBODOX mobile app, which will be addressed in a future release.


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GLOBODOX is a product of ITAZ Technologies, a leading innovator in the field of document management and business automation. ITAZ builds intelligent document management solutions that empower businesses and government agencies from over 60 countries to digitize their document-based processes, making their operations more streamlined, connected, efficient and compliant.

The versatility of ITAZ’s products is a result of its founders’ extensive experience in the field. It’s committed to continually improving its products by incorporating emerging technologies and user feedback into its upcoming offerings, thereby remaining at the leading edge of the document management software market.

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