Workers thinking about jumping ship? 3 ways to tell

Even if a worker gives two week’s notice — or whatever your company requires — before quitting, it can still be a scramble to move pieces into place to keep operations from taking a hit. But with a bit more of a head start, managers can keep production from suffering when an employee leaves, or even do what it takes to keep the departing worker at your company. 

And often, the higher up the company ladder workers are, the harder they are to replace on short notice. Luckily, most employees will show signs that they’re considering leaving before they formally quit, if you know what to look for.

Mindflash offers warning signals with “7 signs your rock star employee is looking for a new job.” Here are three things from that list to keep an eye out for:

  1. Change in personal lives. If workers’ personal lives are changing, it might be a sign professional changes are looming as well. Events like marriages, divorces, births and graduations often precede transitions to a new career.
  2. Change in dress. If your frontline workers are removing ties or kicking off high heels before starting their shift, it could be a sign they’re coming from a job interview.
  3. Change in workplace attitude. Workers looking to secure a good reference or finish a project to tack onto their résumé may suddenly start working significantly harder — or smarter. On the other hand, if an employee thinks that new job is a sure thing, you might see a decrease in productivity or a change in how he or she treats co-workers and supervisors.

Spot these warning signs early enough, and you might be able to convince your best workers to stick around or add incentives to keep them motivated. Best bet: Have a contingency plan in place for the personal gaps you’re likely to face.

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