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Maintenance Pro At A Glance

Good: Scalable versions, unlimited number of equipment and asset tracking, in-depth details of maintenance history.
Bad: Integration with CRM, ERP and accounting software is not currently offered.
Bottom Line: Solution that empowers managers to stay on top of issues through a user-friendly interface and a robust set of maintenance functionalities

Product Overview

Maintenance Pro is an incredibly diverse software solution in that it addresses several different areas of management needs.

One important area is Equipment Management. Maintenance Pro simplifies Equipment Management and allows users to track an unlimited number of pieces of equipment. Users can store the description, make, model, serial number, photos, and more for each piece of equipment. Maintenance Pro employs a tree-like hierarchy that allows users to categorize and quickly locate equipment. To further aid in tree navigation, users can assign any of 200+ icons to each piece of equipment and to each category.

Another key aspect of this product is its preventative maintenance capabilities, letting users know when a vehicle or piece of equipment is due to service at all times. Automated and color-coded preventive maintenance alerts will automatically display upon program startup. Equipment due (or overdue) for service will be shaded “red” while equipment soon due for service will be shaded “yellow”. This provides an excellent visual of how a company’s assets stand at any given time. Maintenance Pro provides a wide range of preventive maintenance services that are already defined. However, end users can easily customize the list or create their own maintenance schedules based on the tracking requirements of their equipment. They can also track their preventive maintenance by date, mileage, hours, or kilometers.

In addition, Maintenance Pro enables users to track and monitor trends in repair maintenance, so they can decide whether to keep or retire a piece of equipment. As users schedule unexpected repairs, Maintenance Pro automatically notifies managers when they are due.

Maintenance Pro offers additional benefits, such as decreased asset downtime and reduced operating costs. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, and users can also access the features on the go from their mobile devices. They can see work orders, track tasks, record unexpected breakdowns, complete inspections and more.


As mentioned, Maintenance Pro can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Each deployment comes with three plans. We detail the features of each plan here, but please refer to the Pricing section before for its pricing.


  • Deluxe – The Deluxe plan includes many features, such as email notification, photo storage, document attachments, the ability to itemize parts, a maintenance calendar, graphing and parent-child asset assignments.
  • Professional – The Professional plan includes all of the features of the Deluxe plan, plus work order management, maintenance procedures, labor tracking, PO management, multiple inventory warehouses and downtime analysis.


  • Basic – The Basic plan accommodates up to 50 equipment assets and 10 “mobile” workers per full users. The features are vendor management, employee management, a repair request portal, mobile app and up to five custom fields for asset details.
  • Premium – The Premium plan accommodates up to 500 equipment assets, and includes all of the features of the Basic plan, plus multiple locations, multiple warehouses, a PO system, calendar, barcoding and up to 10 custom fields for asset details.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan accommodates unlimited equipment asset and up to 20 “mobile” workers per full user. It includes all of the features of the Premium plan, plus automated workflows and up to 20 custom fields for asset details.

Target Market

As a fleet maintenance vendor, Maintenance Pro does well in all industries with transportation. However, their diverse product set offers solutions in several industries. Some of their key clients are listed below.

  • Container Maintenance Corporation
  • Parker Rigging Co., Inc.
  • Stech Transportation Company
  • DAZZL Inc.
  • EBN Grainco Ltd.
  • Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
  • Benguella Sea Products
  • Lloyd's Construction Services
  • McGee Corporation

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Clients that want cloud deployment can sign up for a free trial and begin using the software quickly. The on-premise version of the software can be purchased via the vendor’s website. They can access the product manual and browse articles in the knowledge base to familiarize themselves with the software.

Customer Service & Support

Innovative Maintenance Systems offers free email support and access to its knowledge base. Its optional Premium support plan includes phone support during normal business hours. Its on-premise application includes email and phone support for the first six months, and clients can optionally purchase a support plan that renews annually.


For on-premise deployment, a price quote is required for the Deluxe and Professional plans.

For cloud deployment (based on annual billing), the Basic plan is $30 per user, per month, the Premium plan is $50 per user, per month and the Enterprise plan is $80 per user, per month.


Maintenance Pro currently doesn’t integrate with ERP, CRM or accounting software, but data can be exported to those systems via spreadsheet or HTML formats.


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Founded in 1994, Innovative Maintenance Systems provides leading maintenance management software for business and home use. With thousands of customers worldwide, their software is completely customer driven. They not only provide the functionality their customers ask for, but they also realize the importance of having a software system that is easy to use.

Their company goal is to provide a maintenance system that is easy to use, while maximizing the benefits of keeping accurate maintenance records. In the end, they will help you minimize the total cost of ownership for your fleet equipment.

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