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Hippo CMMS At A Glance

Good: Unique dashboard with CAD mapping of facility's layout around each asset, reports can be scheduled or automated, real-time updates from mobile devices.
Bad: Tend to be tedious in entering information via touchscreen, no bar code functionality.
Bottom Line: Web-based CMMS with a specialty in mobile access.

Product Overview

Hippo CMMS products cover both daily workflow operations and long-term service operations. These products also vary by industry, focusing on the specific needs of each company’s infrastructure.

The solution’s mobile app gives real time updates on work orders so that you can access and add details to them from anywhere.


Hippo’s modules include:

Advanced Dashboard:  Hippo has a unique dashboard for managing workflows according to your facility’s floor plan. The dashboard comes with CAD mapping for diagramming your facility’s layout around each asset. Work orders are easy to view and track according to their location along with all the valuable information needed on each asset.

Preventative Maintenance Management: Schedule regular maintenance before you need any down-time for repairs, and ensure your equipment is maintained to last. This module includes a PM system for linking with work orders and pulling information on each asset.

Work Order Management: Defines work order tasks through an easy-to-use portal, sending the task off to your maintenance team to complete. Your maintenance team could be internal, or contracted. Work orders can even be submitted, assigned, updated, and completed all from a mobile device as well.

Inventory Management: Accurately track inventory parts for equipment maintenance with automated settings letting staff know when and how to order new parts through relevant supplier information.

Vendor/ Resource Management: The staff in charge of maintenance, whether internal, outsourced, or contracted, are notified by email for each work order. They can also access the solution as a user for asset and workflow details. You may then create detailed reports on your maintenance workforce for performance reviews and hiring decisions.

Asset Management: Accurately track assets entered into the system for analyzing an asset’s history such as repairs, down time, PM record, and maintenance costs.

Fleet Management: Track shipping assets and vehicle costs with detailed information such as license plates, vehicle values, lease expiration dates, work order repairs, mileage, drivers, and more.

Mobile Application: The solution’s mobile app has an intuitive display for accessing and updating a variety of tasks on the go.

Powerful Reporting Tools: Administrators can create reports under three main categories: current work orders, maintenance history, and inventory. Sending out reports can be scheduled and automated through email.  Compiling and breaking down reports is simplified through set categories under each main category.


  • Asset Management?
  • Inventory Administration?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Predictive Maintenance?
  • Preventative Maintenance?
  • Scheduling?
  • Work Order Management?

Target Market

Hippo CMMS primarily serves customers within manufacturing, healthcare, education, hospitality, municipalities, facility management, and non profit. The following is a list of 10 sample customers:

  • Rolls-Royce Naval Marine
  • Golden Door Geriatric
  • Flowserve
  • Fort Gary Hotel
  • Arrow Fastener
  • SoloPower
  • Shell Aviation
  • Fisher Bioservices
  • Bethel New Life
  • Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

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Hippo CMMS offers professional services for implementation as well as training on how to best utilize the solution. These services include on-site audits, data migration and import for transitioning between systems, PM scheduling, client-based training, live webinar training, a training video library, and unlimited tech support with the product’s purchase.

Customer Service & Support

Aside from training resources with 24/7 access to a video library, pdf library, and PM library, Hippo CMMS also offers 9-5 phone support Monday through Friday, and respond within 1-2 hours during business hours to online support inquiries.


Hippo CMMS offers three pricing subscriptions. All pricing plans receive free technical support, software updates and data storage with daily backup. Onboarding services have additional costs to the license fee.

  1. Hippo Lite: $40/month for a single license user, and allows up to 40 work order requesters.
  2. Hippo Pro: starting at $120/month for unlimited license users, and allows unlimited work order requesters.
  3. Hippo Pro+: starting at $170/month for unlimited license users, and allows unlimited work order requesters.


While Hippo CMMS has the capability to store a great deal of information for tracking important assets and processes, this can also lead to a drawback.

Some customers have commented that when accessing the solution through a mobile device, it can be tedious entering information on a touch screen and would like voice recognition for simplifying the process.

The solution also lacks a bar code reader, which could shorten the process for entering detailed information as well. Hippo is set on working to include a bar code reader in the future. For now, the dashboard displays all asset and equipment information so easily, that the need for bar coding is much less when using Hippo’s software than other providers who don’t have bar coding nor a graphical dashboard.


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Hippo CMMS has a 90% client retention rate with over 10,000 total happy users. It’s driving goal is to “make the complex simple,” through graphically appealing dashboards, flexible pricing, and all the necessary CMMS features without hidden fees.

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