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FacilityDude At A Glance

Good: Short implementation process, helps streamline maintenance process, two main solutions with a wide variety of features.
Bad: Intended for very specific industry niches, no on-premised option, no free trial offered.
Bottom Line: CMMS solution that is flexible, easy to implement, and very accessible.

Product Overview

FacilityDude offers solutions in maintenance, inventory, facilities, energy, and safety. We will focus this review on MaintenanceEdge and InventoryEdge.

MaintenanceEdge has two main modules: Work Order and Planned Maintenance. The benefits for both modules are that they are easy to use, flexible, can be accessed from any computer at any time, and improves employee productivity. They also help improve the client’s customer satisfaction.

In addition to being flexible and easy to use, InventoryEdge’s benefits include lower maintenance costs, improved data accuracy, and the inventory process is streamlined.  Users can also access InventoryEdge on their mobile devices via the Inventory Wireless.

InventoryEdge can be integrated with MaintenanceEdge.

The maintenance portfolio also includes Capital Forecast and Critical Alarm. Capital Forecast assists companies in planning their budgeting and forecasting their maintenance expenses, while Critical Alarm helps in preventing maintenance service from becoming major emergencies by filtering work orders based on priority. Both solutions can be integrated with the MaintenanceEdge Work Order module.



Several of MaintenanceEdge’s and InventoryEdge’s dominant features are indicated below – however, we want to also discuss their other features:

MaintenanceEdge Work Order module:

  • Automatic email notifications of updates
  • Automatic reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly)
  • Automatic routing of work orders
  • Budgeting and project data are integrated with work orders

Planned Maintenance Module:

  • Automatic generation of PM work orders
  • Users receive estimates of costs and labor needed for specific work orders
  • Interactive calendar for tracking PM work schedules
  • Automatic email notifications for each PM work order generated


  •  Inventory can be allocated based on employee, work order, project, or location
  • Tracking of all inventory transactions (i.e. receipts, returns, transfers, etc)
  • Materials safety data sheets (MSDS) can be linked to inventory item records
  • Automatic email notifications of confirmation receipts and updates of order status
  • Accessible on mobile devices (via Inventory Wireless)

  • Asset Management?
  • Inventory Administration?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Predictive Maintenance?
  • Preventative Maintenance?
  • Scheduling?
  • Work Order Management?

Target Market

FacilityDude markets its solutions to many industries, but they specifically targets healthcare, clubs/YMCAs, government, and commercial industries. We’ve listed several of its clients below:

  • Ann Arbor YMCA
  • City of China, TX
  • Landings Club
  • Mansfield, CT
  • Newton Medical Center
  • Playhouse Square
  • Saint Elizabeth Home
  • SaskCentral
  • YMCA of Middle Tennessee
  • York County, VA

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As FacilityDude is deployed as an SaaS method, the implementation process can range from two weeks to a month. Implementation is a 3-step process that entails:

  • Planning – In this step, FacilityDude meets with the potential customer to discuss goals of the solutions used as well as a roadmap on getting the solution implemented.
  • Setup – At this stage, while the software is being set up, users will participate in training sessions that are done at the company’s site.
  • Launch – The software goes live.

FacilityDude also offers data migration services for companies that need assistance in moving their data from their old systems.

Customer Service & Support

Unlimited training and technical support is offered at no extra cost. Customers can contact support via phone, email, or live chat during weekday hours (Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM EST).


FacilityDude doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


FacilityDude does not offer on-premise deployment so companies that want to host the software will have to look elsewhere. It also does not offer predictive (or condition-based) monitoring functionality.

FacilityDude serves specific niche industries, although it has started to branch into other industries.


FacilityDude Screenshot 1
FacilityDude Screenshot 2
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FacilityDude was spun off of SchoolDude, a maintenance SaaS solution company that targets the education industry, in 2007. FacilityDude was created to provide companies in commercial industries the opportunity to streamline their maintenance operations via a SaaS solution.

FacilityDude defines their mission by five standards to help their clients: save money, enable more efficient maintenance operations, simplify professional life, improve customer service, and help companies implement green initiatives.

FacilityDude also has a strong philanthropy initiative that uses the 1% method – 1% of their sales goes to support technology in education, employees donate 1% of their time to volunteer in the community, 1% of their products goes to under-served schools, and technology donations are given to non-profit organizations.

In April 2015, FacilityDude has acquired Mobile311, a GIS and mobile app company that specializes in spatial asset management for local government (i.e. municipalities).

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