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eWorkOrders At A Glance

Good: Customer work order request interface, employee time-tracking module, short and straightforward implementation process.
Bad: On-premise deployment is not available.
Bottom Line: Robust cloud-based solution with a modular design that helps clients improve maintenance management and provide better customer service.

Product Overview

eWorkOrders is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed to help facility managers, property managers and other managers maintain assets, inventories and work orders. It has a modular design with many features, such as work order tracking, inventory management, preventive maintenance and customer work order requests.

The solution has several benefits, including:

  • Hosted by eWorkOrders, so a company can save its IT resources
  • Better customer service, as users can submit/check work order requests online easily
  • Lower costs in the long run with the preventive maintenance feature (e.g., replacing equipment less often)
  • Easy-to-use interface with short implementation



Below, we’ve listed several key modules/features of eWorkOrders:

In the Work Order module, managers can run a list of all open work orders, drill down into each work order for more details, search for a particular work order and generate reports on each work order’s status.

The Preventative Maintenance module helps users schedule and track preventive maintenance of equipment, buildings and other assets.

The Predictive Maintenance module empowers organizations with additional tools to create more accurate predictions on when a piece of equipment will require maintenance or replacement.

The Asset Management module tracks information on all assets, such as work history, costs, warranties and more.

The Stock Room Inventory module includes features such as vendor management, purchase orders and returns, inventory orders and returns, and cycling counts.

With the Customer Request Interface module, customers can submit a work order request online that gets sent to the appropriate technicians. Customers can also check details of the work order status, receive emails when work is completed and provide feedback on the work.

The Employee Management module tracks employee time on work orders as well as payroll and other billing information. In addition, employees can track their vacation and sick leave. And customers can see which employees are performing their work orders and how much time they spend on them.

Users can store pictures, documents and other files in the Document Management module. The files can be attached to work orders, assets and preventive maintenance schedules.

The Reporting module includes many reporting templates for data such as costs and turnaround time for work order requests, employee performance and employee hours. Reporting data can be displayed in a bar graph, line graph or spreadsheet style, among other options. eWorkOrders can also create customized reports at the client’s request.

Other modules are the Spot Buys module and the Meters module. The Spot Buys module manages materials used when performing a work order; users can create purchasing orders and track vendor invoices. As the name indicates, the Meter module tracks meter types and readings.

There’s also a Signature Capture feature for electronic signatures. And there’s a dedicated mobile app for eWorkOrders, where managers and technicians can create/close work orders, track time and scan barcode information while in the field.

Finally, eWorkOrders includes multi-location functionality with all modules. There is also a GIS system for work orders and assets where users can interact with their work orders and assets using a map view or satellite view of the locations.

Target Market

eWorkOrders is intended for facility and property managers in businesses of all sizes. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below:

  • Celgene
  • Detroit Zoological Society
  • Honda
  • Huggins Hospital
  • McDonald's
  • McWhinney Enterprises
  • Neyer Management
  • North Carolina Museum of Life and Sciences
  • Parkview Baptist Church
  • Penn Mutual Towers

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Since eWorkOrders is a cloud-based system, implementation is shorter than on-premise deployment. The typical implementation process averages about one to three weeks, depending on the amount of data that needs to be imported.

The implementation process may differ based on the client’s needs. However, this is what the typical implementation process looks like:

  • Client provides completed new customer information form with signed quote
  • Information Professionals sets up client’s website and database for client’s administrator, which takes 24 hours
  • Any existing data imported (which can take one day to two weeks)
  • Two-hour configuration session between Information Professionals and client via web conferencing (vendor will help client create customized settings and other features)
  • Client finishes customizing settings
  • Train-the-trainers sessions via web conferencing; those trainers then train employees on eWorkOrders

End users won’t be trained directly by Information Professionals. However, they’ll have access to online training videos within the help system.

Clients can integrate eWorkOrders with other systems via an API.

Customer Service & Support

Information Professionals offers phone and email support to users. Much like their customers, clients can also submit a work order request for support directly from the eWorkOrders module.

Additionally, clients can reach out to their assigned account manager for questions.


eWorkOrders’ monthly pricing plan starts at $35 and increases based on the number of modules purchased. For a more specific quote, contact Information Professionals directly.


eWorkOrders is only deployed in the cloud, so companies seeking an on-premise system may want to check out our other CMMS reviews.


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Information Professionals Inc. was founded in 1994 when it launched its first maintenance management system. The system evolved from being PC-based to a client server, to intranet, to what is now eWorkOrders.com.

eWorkOrders was launched in 2004 and remains Information Professionals’ only CMMS solution.

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Fantastic Experience

on 2018-06-13 12:33:10

I've used eWorkOrders for a long time. Implementation was a breeze - no problems - they stayed with us every step of the way. Team found the system to be really easy to use and retrieve manuals and documents to quickly work on things. Has saved us time and money and increased productivity. Less downtime from equipment failures. Through their recommendations my processes have been streamlined and automated. You can always get someone on the phone who can actually help you!

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Simple to Use!

on 2017-04-27 15:54:50

The easiest and most user friendly system I have come across. The system helps me manage many more aspects of my business than I originally hand in mind. Great people to work with. I highly recommend eWorkOrders!

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