5 Maintenance Solutions to Watch in 2017

Maintenance technology has come a long way.

Traditionally, maintenance professionals have trailed behind with adopting technology, but recent advancements have quickly become mainstream.


Key 2016 trends for computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) were to incorporate mobile access and offer cloud storage. In 2017, vendors will continue to build on these advancements with more intelligent analytics and accessibility.

Here, we’ll describe the market trends to look out for and which vendors are keen to deliver.

CMMS Market Trends

So what’s new with maintenance technology?

Cloud storage and mobile access are among features continuing to roll out as more businesses realize the benefits. Industries with contractors or employees on-the-go seek a solution that can handle all the standard features of CMMS from anywhere at any time.

Vendors have also focused on integrating CMMS with solutions throughout the business for reporting purposes. For example, CMMS can integrate with payroll solutions to log employee time. These solutions can also integrate with email to deliver trigger notifications. If anything goes wrong the team is automatically notified.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive analytics is gaining popularity across business solutions as a way to put vast and disparate data to better use.

Predictive maintenance is the practice of plotting maintenance data for experts to predict when maintenance must be done rather than conducting maintenance on a periodic schedule. Enterprise versions of CMMS, such as enterprise asset management (EAM) software, have lead the way with implementing this type of technology.

The Industrial Internet of Things

Another key trend involves the Internet of Things (IoT), as the market for these connected devices is estimated to reach $661.74 billion by 2021.

Manufacturers and software vendors are designing hardware upgrades that can communicate with one another on a grid. When this idea is applied to an industrial setting as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machines can automatically communicate data to predict when it’s time to conduct maintenance. This way, maintenance practices are much more streamlined and take full advantage of present technology. For industrial networks, additional security is also required to keep critical data safe.

Machine Learning

In the coming years, machine learning will have a much bigger influence on predictive analytics throughout a business. Machine learning is the practice of enabling machines to learn as they analyze data rather than having a programmer set goals manually. This is also known as an early form of artificial intelligence (AI).

As machines start rapidly learning from one another, CMMS is positioned to adapt to provide technicians with access to this network in the palms of their hands.

Top 5 Emerging Vendors

A range of software solutions are considered part of CMMS general offerings. If you’re interested in a complete list of all the top CMMS vendors, check out our CMMS Comparison Guide where we’ve saved you hours of time reviewing options.

When selecting emerging maintenance technology for our list, we focused on those that share features with CMMS and are involved with similar trends such as predictive maintenance, mobility and IIoT.

1. eMaint

Date founded: 1986
Location: Bonita Springs, FL
What’s unique: eMaint, a Fluke company, is a maintenance software provider improving the way organizations manage assets for a connected world. eMaint and Fluke joined forces in 2016 to usher in a new era of connectivity for customers in the industrial world. Together, the companies are set to deliver modern asset reliability platforms that can seamlessly integrate maintenance tools and software solutions.

2. UpKeep

Date founded: 2014
Location: Encino, CA
What’s unique: UpKeep is a mobile-first CMMS vendor developed for any maintenance team member on the go. As part of the latest generation of CMMS, it includes the most essential maintenance features while also appealing to users who might not have typical maintenance jobs. UpKeep is designed so mobile workers can quickly communicate details about daily work to their managers using pictures and notes.

3. Traxxall

Date founded: 2013
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
What’s unique: CMMS can manage many types of assets, including ships and aircrafts. Traxxall is an aircraft maintenance solutions company that has just upgraded its spare parts inventory features. Spare parts inventories on these assets must be carefully balanced. If ordered too early, resources could go to waste, and if ordered too late, an aircraft could be down for an extended period of time. Traxxall’s new solution, the Inventory Management Module (IMM), makes maintenance needs more transparent so ordering parts and planning downtime doesn’t disrupt operations.

4. Wind River

Date founded: Alameda, CA
Location: 1981
What’s unique: Wind River, an Intel company, is an IoT security provider focused on automotive, industrial, medical, networking, and aerospace defense markets. This past year, Wind River joined a partnership with IBM Watson for accelerating the growth of IoT connected devices. As Wind River provides solutions for device management, IBM can apply its machine learning systems in smart facilities, transportation and more.

5. Noodle.ai

Date founded: 2016
Location: San Francisco, CA
What’s unique: Experts from Infosys, IBM, Microsoft Strategy and FE Digital have come together to create Noodle.ai, a highly unique business solution built to act as an enterprise’s AI system. Noodle.ai enables predictive maintenance, but can also handle a range of predictive abilities with supply chains, marketing and HR. Over the next few years, experts with Noodle.ai plan to adjust to business challenges with machine learning.

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