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Sisense At A Glance

Good: Fast implementation and time to insight, innovative in-chip technology processes volumes of data from many data sources, provides top-notch customer experience, and premier rankings in customer satisfaction.
Bad: Visualizations don't include 3D graphics.
Bottom Line: BI solution that delivers radically innovative technology with machine learning and AI, instant insights and value, and top-notch customer support.

Product Overview

Sisense is not your traditional analytics tool. It is designed to handle all sorts of data, from small data sets to big data. It is also scalable – it allows companies to accumulate more data as they go without the worries of crashing servers or slow computer memory. Its in-chip technology uses parallel processing and an in-memory columnar database so it can crunch up terabytes of data on a single server and still serve multiple users. Therefore, companies will not need to spend resources on additional hardware or servers.

Data sets can be transferred from multiple sources via a drag-and-drop interface. Sisense is also integrated with cloud-based applications Zendesk and Salesforce.  Users can simply transfer their data and begin analyzing and creating dashboards.

The drag-and-drop functionality also applies when creating dashboards. Users can move built-in chart widgets and place them in a dashboard with a click of a mouse. Users do not need to re-build dashboards – data can be updated in real time.

Dashboards can be shared with multiple users via the Web – those users can also access dashboards and run queries, as long as appropriate permissions are set. Data and dashboards can also be accessed from any mobile device.


Sisense provides a variety of different BI features, such as the ability to connect with any data sources, low-code or no-code tools, augmented analytics and self-service functionality.

We want to especially note that it is also designed for access from any mobile device. Users can analyze data, access dashboards, edit dashboards, or even run queries while on the go.

Sisense offers embedded analytics functionality that allows organizations to offer business intelligence to their clients. It can be embedded within any software or application, deployed in the cloud or on-premise and with a single-tenant or multi-tenant architecture.

Target Market

Sisense’s customers include everything from small businesses to large enterprises across many industries. Below is a partial list.

  • Wix
  • ESPN
  • Merck
  • NASA
  • Dannon
  • Comcast
  • Intuit
  • Act-On
  • Samsung

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There is a short implementation schedule with Sisense. Users can start with a free 14-day trial. Once they’ve decided to order, deployment can be set up within a matter of days, as there are no additional hardware or servers to set up.

Customer Service & Support

Sisense has a variety of offerings via its support portal:

  • Ticketing system
  • Product releases
  • Documentation (e.g., FAQs, how-to articles, guides)
  • Video tutorials
  • User community forums
  • Developer forums
  • Sisense Academy virtual training courses

In addition, each client is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who serves as the main point of contact. Additional complimentary support features include:

  • SLA response to Priority 1 issues within four service hours
  • SLA response to Priority 2 issues within eight service hours
  • SLA response to Priority 3 issues within 12 service hours
  • Remote onboarding sessions
  • Designated BI consultant during onboarding

Sisense has an Enterprise Elite Service tier at an additional cost. It includes all of the complimentary support offerings, plus:

  • SLA response to Priority 1 issues within two service hours
  • SLA response to Priority 2 issues within four service hours
  • SLA response to Priority 3 issues within eight service hours
  • 24/7 proactive environment monitoring
  • Proactive technical support and preventative advice
  • Designated technical support consultant
  • Onsite and remote onboarding sessions
  • Designated BI consultant post-implementation
  • Onsite (twice per year) growth planning and deployment reviews
  • Tailored growth and adoption toolkit
  • Onsite training and workshops


Sisense offers an annual licensing model that’s uniquely based on a company’s specific needs. It doesn’t publicly release pricing information, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Sisense has many positive attributes but we want to point out some things potential users should consider:

While their dashboards and visualization provide the usual graphics (bar charts, etc), there is no advanced graphics available (such as 3D or cube graphics) nor a plain format that is devoid of fancy graphics.

And also, the Elasticube functionality tend to be time-consuming and prone to errors, especially with failure to build errors. There is no way of knowing why those errors occur. We hope that this will be fixed in later versions but we encourage users to contact technical support at Sisense to help resolve those issues.


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Sisense describes itself as the “Robin Hood of the BI world” – bringing data to everyone, not just the technical experts or large companies with endless resources to spend. Its “secret sauce” is the technology it uses to design the BI solution so that users no longer need to write complicated code or rely on IT technicians – anyone can build as large a data set as possible from any device anytime. Founded in 2004, Sisense has served over hundreds of companies from small businesses to large enterprise in various industries.

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