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Sisense At A Glance

Good: Robust features, flexible developer tools, deployment in cloud, on premise or hybrid of the two.
Bad: Some users prefer additional flexibility and customization.
Bottom Line: Embedded analytics platform that empower companies to provide intelligent analytics functionality to their end users.

Product Overview

Sisense Fusion Analytics Platform is an embedded analytics solution that lets companies provide intelligent analytics functionality to their clients or end users. Developers can embed Sisense into their products with Software Development Kits (SDKs) or APIs, set up a company-branded interface and more. Sisense can be deployed in any cloud environment (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud), on premise or a hybrid of both.

Sisense Fusion Analytics Platform is composed of two embedded options developers can choose from:

Sisense Fusion Embed – The Sisense Fusion Embed solution allows companies to offer embedded analytics to their internal or external customers. Its white-labeled application lets users customize the software based on their brand, and they can extend the analytics functionality with Javascript application program interfaces (APIs).

Sisense can be embedded within the company’s existing software, so end users can perform analyses without having to use a separate business intelligence software. Companies can scale Sisense as their customer needs grow since the software can be deployed in the cloud or on premise in a single or multi-tenant architecture.

Compose SDK – Currently in Beta mode, Compose SDK is for developers that need to build a modular, data-driven solution with not just Sisense’s visualizations but with their own charts and other components. Developers can embed their data, charts or customizable filters within their products. Unlike Sisense Fusion Embed that supports Javascript, Compose SDS accommodates Typescript and React languages.


Here are some Sisense features for companies’ clients or end users:

Data prep – Sisense can connect to many cloud and on-premise data sources via its data connector library. The In-Warehouse Data Prep module lets users pull large sets of data from their cloud data warehouse without relying on IT support.

Sisense can identify and correct inaccurate data or discrepancies without any impact to the original data source. It also has multiple transformation functions (e.g., Date, Address) that can automatically convert data into the appropriate field.

Dashboards/visualizations – Sisense has a library of prebuilt dashboards targeted to industry or job roles (e.g., Manufacturing, Finance, Sales). In addition, users can create their own dashboards by running an ad-hoc analysis, moving built-in chart widgets and placing them within a dashboard. They can opt to have charts, graphs or maps within a dashboard. The dashboards are updated in real time, so users won’t need to rebuild them, and users can share those dashboards with internal or external colleagues. Those users can also access dashboards and filter or drill down into the dashboard, as long as appropriate permissions are set.

Once a dashboard is created, the Sisense Pulse Alert feature lets users set up custom alerts for specific key performance indicators (KPIs). If abnormalities are detected in the data, alerts can be sent to a user’s desktop or a mobile device as push notifications.

Sisense AI Throughout – Sisense AI Throughout is a technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate data prep tasks and guide users in finding insights in their data.

Its Natural Language Query (NLQ) feature lets users ask a question about their data with the “Simply Ask” button where the user can type in a question, get automatic and personalized suggestions to complete the question, and then get an answer in the form of a visualization. Sisense NLQ can provide suggestions for synonyms for the value or formula in a data model, spelling mistakes or any ambiguity in the measure or value.

Predictive analytics – With the Sisense Forecast feature, users can run forecasting models with a point-and-click interface. They can choose from two forecast model types (e.g., Univariate analysis, Multivariate analysis). Users can compare forecast data with current or historical data, change the forecast period and see an explanation of statistical outputs of each forecast model.

To build predictive models, users can take advantage of the integrated Python and R libraries. Additional Sisense Forecast features include the ability to set upper or lower boundaries within the forecast and the ability to ask questions within the forecast models.

Sisense Infusion Apps – Sisense Infusion Apps is an add-on tool that gives AI-based analytics to end users directly within the application they work in (e.g., Slack, Office 365, Google Workspace). Users can explore and ask questions within live data without having to rely on reports from IT or data analysts.

Target Market

Sisense’s customers include everything from small businesses to large enterprises across many industries. Below is a partial list.

  • Nasdaq
  • Air Canada
  • SkullCandy
  • Credit Clear
  • Zoominfo
  • Verizon
  • GameDay
  • Hive
  • Wix
  • Instacart

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New clients will work with the Sisense Professional Services team who can set up an implementation process and timeline that’s based on their needs and requirements. In addition to implementation and consulting, Sisense Professional Services provides solution optimization, custom automation/integration and Windows to Linux migration services. Sisense also offers a network of implementation partners.

Customer Service & Support

Sisense has a variety of offerings via its support portal:

  • Ticketing system
  • Product releases
  • Documentation (e.g., FAQs, how-to articles, guides)
  • Video tutorials
  • User community forums
  • Developer forums
  • Sisense Academy virtual training courses

In addition, each client is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who serves as the main point of contact. Additional complimentary support features include:

  • SLA response to Priority 1 issues within four service hours
  • SLA response to Priority 2 issues within eight service hours
  • SLA response to Priority 3 issues within 12 service hours
  • Remote onboarding sessions
  • Designated BI consultant during onboarding

Sisense has an Enterprise Elite Service tier at an additional cost. It includes all of the complimentary support offerings, plus:

  • SLA response to Priority 1 issues within two service hours
  • SLA response to Priority 2 issues within four service hours
  • SLA response to Priority 3 issues within eight service hours
  • 24/7 proactive environment monitoring
  • Proactive technical support and preventative advice
  • Designated technical support consultant
  • Onsite and remote onboarding sessions
  • Designated BI consultant post-implementation
  • Onsite (twice per year) growth planning and deployment reviews
  • Tailored growth and adoption toolkit
  • Onsite training and workshops


Sisense offers an annual licensing model that’s uniquely based on a company’s specific needs. It doesn’t publicly release pricing information, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned they would like additional flexibility and customization, particularly with visualizations, and that they have experienced occasional crashes, especially with complex datasets.


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Sisense accelerates product innovation by providing the latest AI/ML capabilities through an extensible analytics platform. The company was founded in 2004 in Israel and employs a globally distributed workforce with offices in New York City, London, and Tel Aviv. Composed of Sisense Fusion Embed, Sisense Cloud, and Compose SDK, Sisense’s flexible analytics platform has 19 patents to date and enables customers like ZoomInfo, Nasdaq, and Air Canada to infuse actionable insights into their customer experiences.

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