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Logi Analytics At A Glance

Good: Available for all company sizes, analytics can be embedded into existing applications, ability to customize CSS and JavaScript to reports.
Bad: Steep learning curve for non-SQL users.
Bottom Line: For companies that are either skeptical of BI and are seeking immediate ROI, or for others that need to implement a system immediately, LogiAnalytics offers a swift and affordable solution.

Product Overview

Logi Analytics provides an economically feasible, efficient way for any size company – from small to medium sized businesses with limited technological capability, to the largest corporations – the ability to deliver business intelligence insights.

Aside from its speed and ease of use, Logi touts their “elemental design” approach to BI, a way to deliver reports and dashboards to any platform without any coding. Not having to deal with coding frees up valuable time and resources for end-users.

Completely interactive mobile applications can be created easily by users. They are completely based on the web and can be accessed from any platform. Users have the option to deploy an application to multiple mobile platforms.

Logi also offers embedded analytics, which allows users to embed dashboards, analytics, and reporting into existing applications. This service is far easier, quicker, and cheaper than replacing the legacy system.

Logi has a suite of applications called Logi Symphony that include:

  • Logi Composer, an embedded analytics platform that’s specifically intended for software companies
  • Logi Report, an embedded reporting tool, and
  • Logi Info, a developer-grade embedded analytics platform


Logi Analytics includes several notable features, such as scalability, customization, self-service functionality, banded reports and the ability to connect to multiple modern data sources.

One feature which sticks out with Logi is its ability to be customized, on many levels. Dashboards and charts in particular offer a wide range of custom options, and users are given full access to style sheets and can add their own CSS and JavaScript to reports.

Target Market

Logi Analytics supports small and medium sized businesses, government entities, and even Fortune 500 companies. Some selected markets include financial services, healthcare, consumer goods, and the technology sector. Below we list some of Logi Analytics’ notable clients:

  • Brivo
  • Conservation International
  • Delta
  • InterSystems
  • Left Brain Analytics
  • MemberSuite
  • Otsuka
  • SafetyChain Food Quality Management System
  • ServiceKing
  • Swift Software Inc.

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Logi has a dedicated Professional Services team to help with implementation and conduct training. The services consists of:

  • Project Blueprint – Logi works with the company to define the goals and objectives of using a BI solution, as well as discuss implementation plans.
  • QuickStart – This process offers quick implementation from prototype development to application framework to validating end-user requirements. Companies work with Logi’s dedicated solutions consultant on this project.
  • Deployment Consulting Services – Companies partner with Logi for the full deployment process from conception to after implementation.

Logi offers three training courses:

  • Online training
  • Onsite training
  • Training at Logi HQ’s Training Lab

Customer Service & Support

Logi Analytics users are supported by the DevNet Developer Community, which is a support site and group of developer forums where questions can be asked and discussed among end-users, technicians, and product experts.

DevNet’s site also includes routine updates on products, offers advice on ways to leverage Logi to meet business needs, and includes links to whitepapers and videos to assist in the support process.

Professional support services are also offered in the form of “tune-up” classes, and live help from customer service personnel.


LogiAnalytics provides a variety of licenses that’s customized to an organization’s specific needs. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned that Logi Analytics has a steep learning curve, especially for a non-expert SQL user.  And while Logi Analytics offers users a lot of freedom, it can also be time consuming to manually set attributes or to perform manual hacks on every single element in a report.


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LogiAnalytics is a business intelligence purveyor founded in Virginia in 2000 with the stated goal of providing BI solutions to small and mid-sized companies that may have not considered buying a tool previously. Formerly known as LogiXML, the company has sold a number of BI apps as a stand-alone products, including Logi Vision, a data discovery product, and LGX AppDev, an XML engine that builds BI reports.

Logi Vision and Logi Info are now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, where users can deploy Logi in minutes.

In 2021, LogiAnalytics was acquired by insightsoftware, a leading provider of financial reporting and enterprise performance management solutions.

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