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Knowi At A Glance

Good: The platform is built for users to blend structured, multi-structured and unstructured data alike.
Bad: Some users have mentioned that the user interface can be slow at times and that there are occasional glitches.
Bottom Line: A unified analytics platform built to simplify data architectures and help users obtain valuable business insights.

Product Overview

Knowi is an Augmented Analytics platform that enables business leaders to gain access to data anywhere, at any time, in any size.

The product is rich in features that satisfy the requirements of an enterprise and the user interface is designed to be simplistic for any user. The result is a platform that allows data to remain at its source – structured or unstructured – while reducing costs, improving efficiencies and removing the complexities of analytics projects. Data Engineers now have a way to work within a single platform, virtually eliminating the extra steps and tools needed to prepare data for analysis.

Knowi has three main products:

Knowi ELEVATE – Users can ask questions via Slack, Microsoft Teams or Knowi and get real-time answers. ELEVATE pulls data from the solutions teams are already using, so they don’t need to comb through multiple systems. Users can share the insights with their teams or set up alerts and notifications, so the team is on the same page.

Knowi HUB – Knowi HUB provides native integration SQL, NoSQL, APIs and many other data sources. It can connect to a data source without requiring the user to move the data into a relational database. Knowi HUB also has a visual query builder, so users can create dashboards whether or not they have SQL knowledge.

Knowi EMBED – With this solution, organizations can embed Know within their website or app. Some of its features include security to prevent data tampering, a full Javascript API, the ability to embed individual charts or entire dashboards and the ability for users to build their own data portal.


Knowi’s features and functionality simplify analytics projects and make data accessible across the whole enterprise. Key features include:

Data connectors – Native integration with SQL and NoSQL data sources allows companies to easily pull data and begin to visualize and analyze it in a matter of minutes.

Drag-and-drop query generation – Simple drag-and-drop features automatically generate native query languages, so users can quickly ask questions and find answers.

Blend data from SQL and NoSQL sources without moving it – With one click, create joins across multiple data sources to process, blend and store combined results seamlessly. All join types are supported.

Data visualizations – Over 30 visualizations are available to business users to customize their dashboards or create new ones from a master without changing the underlying query.

Ability to easily embed in existing data applications – Ensure decisions are data-driven by embedding analytics where a user’s business teams, partners or clients live in their applications. Users can also share dashboards or email PDF reports to extend analytics reporting enterprise-wide.

Machine learning and trigger data-driven actions – Advanced analytics allow users to integrate machine learning algorithms directly into their data analytics workflows and automatically trigger actions based on resulting calculations. They can integrate their custom algorithms or tap into a complete library of open source algorithms.

Search-based analytics – With this feature, users can ask questions and get their answers in the form of data. Not only can they ask questions within a Knowi dashboard, they can also ask questions within Slack (as Knowi can integrate with Slack). Clients can also embed Knowi within their app or website, so their employees or client can perform search-based analytics within the flow of work.

Target Market

Knowi is built for data-driven organizations that want to easily access their data in real time and build purposeful visualizations that enable them to make decisions that drive the business forward.

We’ve listed 10 of Knowi’s customers below:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Key2Act
  • Scotiabank
  • Paysafe
  • Boku
  • Lemonaid Health
  • Ampush
  • NJM Insurance Group
  • Verizon

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Depending upon the needs of a client’s business, they can deploy Knowi on-premise, cloud or a hybrid approach.

Cloud deployment: Customers up and running in minutes and Knowi automatically provisions everything new users need to get started as part of the sign up process. Users will need to connect their data source(s) to Knowi’s cloud service.

On-premise deployment: Following an onboarding call to define the customer’s data environment, Knowi creates a .JAR file that can be downloaded and installed. Full deployment is expected to be the same day but is dependent upon on each customer’s internal processes.

Hybrid deployment: Similar to cloud deployment, when a customer signs up, Knowi sends a small downloadable agent. This enables Knowi’s cloud service to work with the company’s data source(s).

Customer Service & Support

Knowi customers are assigned a Customer Service Lead to ensure their implementation, training and support needs are addressed at all times.

Support is available via online chat, help desk or their self-service knowledge base. Customers can expect a response time of within two hours.


Knowi bases its pricing on an annual subscription model. Specific pricing is not publicly available; please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned that the user interface can be slow at times and that there are occasional glitches.


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Today’s data is big and messy. To analyze modern data, companies need a BI solution that can instantly connect to any data, structured or unstructured, without the hassle and expense of moving or transforming it. Knowi is the only full-stack analytics platform that natively integrates to all the popular NoSQL data stores, as well as relational and Cloud APIs sources. Their innovative data layer eliminates the need for ETL or custom coding to move, flatten and transform data for analytics.

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