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PCRecruiter At A Glance

Good: Approaches applicant tracking needs with CRM tools for complete comprehension.
Bad: The interface and workflow learning curve can be steep for some companies.
Bottom Line: Passive and active recruiting features for sourcing large talent pools.

Product Overview

PCRecruiter is a web-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with recruiting tools modeled after Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs. The system contains robust features for pre-hire applicant tracking with search and customization capabilities, supporting an organized and accessible database.

PCRecruiter is primarily a cloud-based service, with an available on-premise option. It easily supports a range of recruiting and staffing firms from a one-person company to an organization with multiple locations.


While Main Sequence offers hundreds of functions within its solutions, PCRecruiter contains several key features for meeting recruiters’ needs. These features focus on recruiter workflow while capturing relevant data on each applicant.

Customizable Layouts: Users may choose which fields appear on names, departments, and requisitions with custom groupings and field labels to suit terminology. Configurability extends to custom search options and results, lists, reports, and so on.

Custom Fields / Forms: The system offers a virtually unlimited number of custom fields and searchable custom forms for tracking relevant data. Forms can be emailed to applicants to directly enter information, such as skills or licensing details. The system also contains tables for keeping track of custom and default tags.

Pipeline: As the “backbone” of the system, each stage of the recruitment process is represented as a step in the requisition’s Pipeline. As candidates are moved through the process from initial entry to final hire, the Pipeline tracks their progress and automates emails.

Multi-Function Lists: The “Rollup Lists” feature is used for grouping applicants, contacts, requisitions, or departments for storing search results, mass-moves, sub-grouping, bulk email sends, and much more.

Resume Inhaler: The software can instantly parse resumes that’s sent from a recruiter’s Outlook inbox or desktop folder.

PCR Capture: This browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge lets recruiters import contacts from websites and social networks like LinkedIn.

EEO/OFCCP/GDPR: PCRecruiter includes the necessary support for compliance with Equal Opportunity and Data Protection regulations.

Email/Voice/SMS integration: PCRecruiter offers tracking and sync with IMAP email and Gmail Calendar, as well as an optional direct embed of the ATS into Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. It also integrates with VoIP and SMS providers, such as RingCentral and Google Voice.

Candidate Presentation: PCRecruiter packages resumes, field data and attachments into a trackable, attractive presentation for hiring authorities to review and submit feedback on.

Approval Processes: Email approval chains allow for documented approval of submitted requisitions from multiple contacts within the organization.

Job Posting: A built-in job board module embeds easily in practically any website, and the system includes direct feeding of open jobs to Indeed, Glassdoor, and other services.

Public API: The PCRecruiter API makes it possible to connect the database with a growing list of third-party vendors for background checks, video interviewing, text messaging, and more to come.

Analytics: PCRecruiter’s analytics system offers a graphical representation of an agency’s KPIs and other metrics, including recruiter activity, responses to mass emails and job listing performance.

Mobile app: Recruiters can stay on top of their tasks on the go with the PCRecruiter mobile app. They can see activity logs, edit contact details, upload pictures and track their metrics.

Target Market

PCRecruiter is intended for recruiting and staffing companies, as well as the sourcing/recruiting departments within direct-hire organizations.

We’ve listed several of its clients below:

  • EHS Hospitality Group
  • Sales Search International
  • Pharmacy Systems
  • Recruiting in Motion
  • Global Performance Search
  • Fairchild HR

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Main Sequence’s standard implementation process includes personal consultation and setup, so the time between sign-up and go live varies widely based on the number of users and the complexity of the project. Some clients are live within 24 hours and others can take several weeks.

Main Sequence has an in-house data migration team that is experienced in converting data from dozens of solutions.

Customer Service & Support

Main Sequence offers support via online documentation, phone, email and web chat.


Pricing starts at around $85 per user, per month for a basic two-year contract, plus a setup fee to cover training and implementation.


PCRecruiter is designed to be extremely flexible and customizable, so the interface and workflow learning curve have been seen as steep for some. It’s best suited to companies that have a work process in mind.

The development team continually adds features and integrations as requested by users.


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Main Sequence was founded by four long-time friends, the Snyder brothers and the Kubiceks (husband and wife) in the late 1990s. With their understanding of relational database software and services, they set out to fill a functionality gap in the market which their friends in the recruiting industry had expressed.

The company remains privately held by the same four founders twenty years later, with many of the same company principals. Management Recruiters International, for whom PCRecruiter has been a long-time preferred vendor, has awarded the company and its customer service team repeatedly.

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